Creamy Dairy Free Gluten Free Cauliflower Soup

Image: Creamy Gluten Free Dairy Free Cauliflower Soup

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My father is ill, and all of us daughters are taking very good care of him. I went shopping for him and came back with cauliflower, which he wasn’t too happy about. However, he said he would eat cauliflower soup. That was a perfect idea on a chilly San Francisco day. I thought I’d share my recipe for gluten free cauliflower soup with you which I made with very little ingredients on hand. It turned out rich and creamy without any milk of any kind; the best creamy, dairy free cauliflower soup I’ve ever had! I had 2 bowls myself. Yum! Continue reading “Creamy Dairy Free Gluten Free Cauliflower Soup”

Simple Navy Bean Soup Recipe

White Kidney Bean Soup

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Super-Simple White Bean Soup

If you’ve been looking for gluten free soup recipes, here’s a great one from Carol Fenster, gluten-free expert and author of 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes, Wiley, 2010

I use this easy recipe when I’m in a rush at lunch time, yet want something hearty and filling with good fiber and protein. I really like rosemary in this soup, but use whatever (dried or fresh) herb you have on hand—basil and thyme are also nice. Be sure to rinse canned beans until the water runs clear in order to remove 35 to 40% of the sodium typically found in canned beans. Continue reading “Simple Navy Bean Soup Recipe”

Shirataki Noodle Soup

Shirataki Soup

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Shirataki noodles (aka Shirataki Yam Noodles) are considered miracle noodles, as they are gluten-free, calorie-free and contain very little carbohydrates! They contain much glucomannan (soluble) fiber which is nature’s riches source of fiber.  Soluble fiber is suggested for prevention and alleviation of IBS symptoms. Shirataki noodles are made from the Japanese Konjac plant. They make the noodles plain or with tofu. Tofu is supposed to have a closer texture to regular pasta, but is soy based, therefore, I use the plain.  You can throw together a quick soup made with shiratki noodles and whatever else you have on hand. This soup makes a great light lunch! You can use whatever meat you desire. I used grilled chicken breast. Below you will find a brand of gluten-free tamari (soy) sauce and a non-soy based substitute.  In addition, I included a soy sauce substitute recipe!  This is one of my favorite low-calorie gluten free soup recipes. Enjoy! Continue reading “Shirataki Noodle Soup”

Gluten Free Cheese Sauce

Broccoli Potato with Gluten Free Cheese Sauce

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Many months ago I posted a recipe for broccoli stuffed potato with cheese sauce, but the file became corrupted and it disappeared! Someone asked me to republish it. The most important part of the recipe is the gluten free cheese sauce which you can use to make macaroni and cheese or add atop a baked potato, broccoli or cauliflower. It is also the base for cheese soup. You can add pieces of cooked broccoli to the top of a baked potato and pour on the cheese sauce. I changed the recipe a bit, as I have experimented with a few different versions now. I hope you enjoy this one! It’s a great way to get kids to eat their veggies! Continue reading “Gluten Free Cheese Sauce”

Creamy Asparagus and Potato Soup

Image: Gluten Free Creamy Asparagus and Potato Soup

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I knew I had to use up the asparagus I had in the frig. I decided to make a creamy asparagus and potato soup. Out of all my gluten free soup recipes that are creamy, I find this one to be the healthiest. When deciding on a thickener I considered using a gluten-free sour cream and Greek yogurt, but remembered what Gluten Free Chef Rob mentioned about thickening things naturally. I already had some boiled potatoes in the frig which I added in, but you can add fresh potatoes to this recipe all in one pot. I usually use potatoes in sweeter soups such as my Zucchini Mango Soup Recipe and Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, but this turned out wonderful, – not too much asparagus, just right, and nice and savory! Enjoy! Continue reading “Creamy Asparagus and Potato Soup”

Gluten Free Spanish Peasant Soup

Image: Gluten Free Spanish Peasant Soup

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Looking for healthy gluten free soup recipes? As most of you know, the authors of “The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook” will be on “Gluten Free Cooking and Good Health” tonight, Wednesday, September 15, 2010. They wish to share with us their recipe for this delicious and nutritious gluten-free Spanish Peasant Soup. I could live on soup, but this one in particular looks delicious as it is a hardy soup. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Tune in for the show tonight: Gluten Free Cooking and Good Health“! We’ll be announcing the winner of their cookbook giveaway! Continue reading “Gluten Free Spanish Peasant Soup”

Gluten Free Lentils and Italian Sausage

Image: Gluten Free Lentils and Sausage

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Nothing like a good lentils and Italian sausage recipe. Someone sent me a bunch of gluten-free sausages during the holidays which I had frozen. I had contemplated what I should cook with them. I ended up making an Italian dish that is customarily served on New Year’s Day, lentils and sausage, which symbolizes prosperity for the upcoming year. With added seasonings and vegetables, it turned out very tasty! I have to say, this is one of my new favorite Italian recipes. You could even add more broth and make it a soup! Continue reading “Gluten Free Lentils and Italian Sausage”

Gluten Free Butternut Squash Apple Soup

Image: Gluten Free Butternut Squash Soup

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I love soup, but out of all my gluten free soup recipes this has to be my new fave! In an attempt to eat healthier I have been purchasing produce that I have either never purchased before or seldom do. I purchased a butternut squash and decided to make this gluten free butternut squash apple soup. The traditional butternut squash recipes just did not appeal to me. I decided to add a bit of apple to sweeten it. Below you will find my butternut squash and apple soup recipe. It is low in sodium. And don’t forget to check out the link below to all of our gluten free soup recipes! Continue reading “Gluten Free Butternut Squash Apple Soup”

Very Gingery Pear and Sweet Potato Soup

Ginger Pear Sweet Potato Soup

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If you enjoy ginger and pear, then stop your search for delicious gluten free soup recipes. Dr. Neal Barnard was on my online radio show last night, “Carla’s Cooking“. He and his co-author of “The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook” generously offered to share 2 of their recipes from their latest book. At the end of the recipe you will find some nutritional information you may find useful. I will post the other recipe tomorrow. For now, enjoy this one. It sounds so yummy! And don’t forget to check out the link below to all of our gluten free soup recipes! Continue reading “Very Gingery Pear and Sweet Potato Soup”

Gluten Free Vegan Zucchini Mango Soup

Image: Gluten Free Zucchini Mango Soup

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Looking for delicious gluten free soup recipes? I harvested my first round zucchini (photo below) this week and decided to use it to test a new mango soup recipe. You are sure to see more zucchini recipes in the near future because my plants are growing like crazy! You can serve this soup warm or cold. This is recipe is great way to use up any produce you have that may soon spoil or wilt. My original intention was to only use vegetables and one fruit, but I was awfully hungry while making it and decided to toss in a potato and am glad that I did. It was very tasty and satisfying! Continue reading “Gluten Free Vegan Zucchini Mango Soup”