Thai Jasmine Rice – Seasoned Jasmine Rice

Seasoned Jasmine Rice

Seasoned Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is a favorite of many Thai people though you can cook many side dishes using it. This seasoned jasmine rice is tender, fluffs up nicely, and full of flavor. I’ve added to easy recipes for Honey Ginger Glazed Carrots and a quick chicken recipe as well. Also included are two optional ingredients to make it less like rice pilaf and more like Thai Jasmine Rice. Enjoy!

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Microwave Fried Potatoes

Microwave Fried Potatoes

Sometimes you’re just short on time and need to make dinner in a matter of a few minutes. I totally get it! When you’re in a rush, realize that this one thing that helps save cooking time: small-sized food. This recipe is a perfect example of that, but it combines the use of a microwave as well. Plus, there is no sacrifice in flavor either. These microwave fried potatoes taste better than French fries! Enjoy.

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Potato Croquettes Gluten Free – Loaded

Loaded Potato Croquettes Gluten Free

Minus the sour cream, these loaded potato croquettes are addictive! I enjoy potato croquettes gluten free over traditional. They are like a French fry that everyone strives for but just can’t achieve. The crispness is like no other and the creamy center is divine. On the outside, they are between a French fry and a crispy egg roll. You’ll love them! You can choose from multiple dipping sauces or bottled sauces. All of the dipping sauce recipes are included as well. Continue reading “Potato Croquettes Gluten Free – Loaded”

Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Photo showing cauliflower rice and vegetables

Members love my Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza, but this cauliflower rice recipe is pretty good too. It’s not wet like so many other cauliflower rice recipes. Most gladly eat this version in place of high-carb rice. You can add veggies that are higher in carbs for sweetness or just season it with paprika, fresh herbs, or cumin and chili powder. Learn the key to making cauliflower rice with the texture of real rice. Continue reading “Cauliflower Rice Recipe”

Pesto Potatoes – Scalloped (Dairy Free, Gluten Free)

Dairy Free Pesto Potatoes

These scalloped pesto potatoes taste amazing! They are creamy, flavorful, and you can’t tell they are dairy free. You can opt on making them with dairy, by simply using one of the many dairy pesto sauce recipes. However, the creamy dairy-free pesto with cheesy flavor is always a winner with everyone. Make extra. People will go back for seconds. Continue reading “Pesto Potatoes – Scalloped (Dairy Free, Gluten Free)”