How to Wet Saute for a Healthier You!

Since the New Year has arrived, and many people, on a gluten-free diet or not, are watching their weight, and their health. I thought you be interest in learning how to wet saute¬†and¬†a little about essential fatty acid oils and what you may be doing to cause them to turn into trans fats.¬†If you overheat EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) oils they may create trans fats. Learn how to “wet saut√© instead of using oil.

Image: Vegetables Sauteed in Water - Wet Saute

How to Wet Saute

Add about 1/4 cup of water to a pan; add your food; cooking about 1 minute; and then add your oil. This prevents the oil from overheating, thus preserving more of the the nutrients in the oil. See the list of EFA oils.

Of course, sometimes wet sauteing will not do your recipe justice. If your object is to sear meat you’ll probably not want to wet saut√©. However, knowing what the smoke point is for your cooking oil will help you greatly.¬†Learn the smoke point for the cooking oils.

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