Members Are Eligible to Win Free Vitacost Gluten Free Stuff and More!

Want free Vitacost gluten free stuff and more? During the month of June 2017, any paid member who writes a review about their membership will automatically be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Just write your review on the annual membership or lifetime membership pages (whichever you purchased) and you’ll be automatically entered! If you win, you can get free¬†Vitacost Gluten Free¬†stuff and more!

First, log into your account.


Anyone who writes a review or has previously written a review and has an active, paid membership is eligible to win.


Go to either the Annual Membership or Lifetime Membership page (whichever you have). Just above the large word “Description”, you will find a tab for “Reviews (number of reviews)”. Click on it. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Click on how many stars you would like to give your membership, one to five stars. The more stars you give it means the more you enjoy your membership. Then, write your review. Don’t forget to click on “I’m not a robot” and then on “Submit”. You’re done!


If you’re this month’s winner, Carla will notify you in early July.

Good luck!

Thanks so much Vitacost!


Congratulations. Lifetime Member, Karen! You won the $25 gift card/coupon code for Vitacost. The winner was chosen using Counting from the most recent reviews left, number 3 was chosen. I just messaged Vitacost to let them know who the winner was and provide them with your first name and email address. I assume that they will forward the coupon code directly to you. If not, perhaps they send it to me. Either way, you should be receiving it very soon.
Again, congrats and thanks so much for the awesome review!

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  1. Your recipes are a gift of knowledge. Membership dues more than pay for that! Whether someone is a newbie or a seasoned Cook there is something for every one to love in your recipes and you make gluten free an asset. Linda Tanzini

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