Toaster Bags to Prevent Cross Contamination in Toasters

Not too long ago I came across what I think is an incredible invention for those on a gluten-free diet, but especially celiacs and those highly sensitive to gluten. ¬†It is something I just had to share! ¬†When staying at someone’s home, at work, at¬†a breakfast buffet (I often bring my own gluten-free bread to hotel buffets), or when you have to share a toaster with gluten-eaters,¬†and you wish to toast your¬†gluten free¬†bread, prevent gluten cross-contamination by using Toastabags. However, this incredible new invention fixes that problem!…reusable toaster bags!Tostabags for Gluten-free Toast
Each package contains 2 bags and each bag may be used up to 50 times.  From the reviews that I have read online, they really do make toasty toast! You can also use them in very own toaster for gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich!

If you live in or closer to the U.K., you can purchase them at the Corner Shop.

5 Replies to “Toaster Bags to Prevent Cross Contamination in Toasters”

  1. Can anyone recommend a brand that won’t melt or burn? I have been reading reviews and many say they do. I wouldn’t want to burn my house down or even spend money on bags that can’t be reused.

  2. Toaster bags have been around for a while but Pampered Chef has now discontinued them so they have been hard to find! Thank you for posting this so that I now can look for this brand.

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