Von's Gluten-free Label

Safeway, Vons and Randalls Gluten-free Shelf Labels!

Safeway, Inc. introduces their SimpleNutrition program.  They have labeled their shelves with stickers which include: Gluten-free, Organic, Natural, Calorie Smart, Made with Whole Grains, Sodium Smart, etc., a total of 22 different nutrition and ingredient benefits.

Safeway has been health conscious for quite some time.  They have a few health and wellness brands such as such as OOrganics™ and Eating Right®.  They recently launched a line of natural food products, Open Nature™.  Safeway has also removed added trans fats from all of their private-label products.  The thing I like best is that they private label milk is guaranteed to be free of growth hormones.

Von's Gluten-free Label

This news is all over the place in the gluten-free community, as well as major news outlets.  One site’s author stated that Safeway even had a gluten-free banner in their new gluten-free isle.  Just awesome!  We’re talking and they’re listening!

The next time I go to my local Von’s I will report back.  Stay tuned in!

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  1. I shopped at Safeway yesterday and loved the new labeling for gluten free products. It was easy to find things, the labels are so easy to spot and made shopping fun. I found many gluten free items that I have overlooked in the past because I was unaware that they were gluten free. I LOVE it!! I wish all stores would follow their lead!

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