Chocolate Whipped Cream Recipe

There is nothing like adding cold whipped cream to a slice of cake, top an ice cream sundae, or add as a filling in a layered cake. Chocolate whipped cream taste like chocolate mousse but not as thick or heavy. It’s addicting! Give it a try.

Gluten Free Cream Puff Recipe: Rings with Caramel Whipped Cream – Paris-Brest

Pate choux in French is a dough made simply with eggs, flour, and sugar. In America, this dough is used for cream puffs. This particularĀ gluten free cream puff recipe is shaped as rings instead of the typical puff and is filled with a caramel whipped cream. The real Fench name for this dessert is Paris …

The Perfect Homemade Whipped Cream or Vanilla Chantilly +Dairy Free Version

Whipped cream is naturally gluten free, and once you’ve made homemade whipped cream you’ll never go back to can whipped cream again. If you prefer not to have that greasy texture, then this gluten free recipe is for you. Of course, you may use Cool Wwhip, as it is gluten free. However, you may wish …

Lesson 11: Six Types of Buttercream

Basically, there are four well-known types of buttercream. You will learn about those in detail as well as two others that are less known. Buttercream serves more purposes than just flavor, sweetness, and moisture. Discover everything there is to know about buttercream in this lesson.