Aluminum Foil Dangers

Did you know that our bodies are not designed to absorb the amounts of aluminum that we absorb? From aluminum foil, deodorants, antacids, aspirin to prescription medication and more. Aluminum is not a heavy metal, but it can be toxic. If we use these items on a regular basis we have a degree of aluminum toxicity in our bodies. Learn aluminum toxicity symptoms and how to prevent aluminum poisoning in your kitchen.

Martha Wrap - Foil Parchment

Aluminum Toxicity Symptoms

Aluminum toxicity symptoms are similar to dementia and osteoporosis. Since your liver and kidneys needs to process aluminum and it is difficult to do, your liver and kidney functions may be compromised. Aluminum can also lead to digestive problems, headaches and weak aching muscles. Therefore, you should avoid aluminum as much as possible. Where can you start? The kitchen!


Baking Powders

Thank goodness some manufacturers now make an aluminum-free baking powder! Rumford brand is aluminum-free. Bob Red Mill’s also make one. If you do not have access to a gluten-free, aluminum-free baking powder you can make you own. See this recipe video. Just note that it single acting baking powder, not double acting.

Aluminum Foil Dangers

When you food is stored or cooked in aluminum foil and touches your food it absorbs aluminum. I have just started using Martha Stewart’s new aluminum lined parchment paper, Martha Wrap, instead of the plain aluminum foil. The parchment paper is the only thing that touches the food, but the aluminum on the outside makes it easy to wrap things, or even tent your turkey to prevent additional browning.

Aluminum Foil Substitute

I was able to find it in my local grocery store, Von’s, which is such a convenience! I hope you’ll give it a try for your health and the health of your family.

7 Replies to “Aluminum Foil Dangers”

  1. PS. If paper works against aluminum seeping into your food, why not wrapping food in baking paper and then tin foil?

    Though I don’t think it changes anything.
    It’s a good idea to avoid BPA (plastic containers) and probably tin foil too, but I don’t think it is as bad for you as BPA.

    If we start getting paranoid about everything, then life will be too upsetting, because toxic chemicals, hormone disruptors, antibiotics and all this horrible stuff is everywhere. It’s a good idea to try to minimize the exposure to these things, but without too much stress, because stress is worse for your health. Stress is also a hormone disruptor.

  2. I guess it’s right, cooking in tin foil can probably lead to excess aluminum in your body, but I’m not sure that a layer of paper will make any difference, specially if you cooking something fatty.
    If you worried about aluminum in your food then why using it at all? There are so many other ways to bake and grill food.
    I grill veggies without tin foil, just brush a bit of oil on them, so they don’t dry out. Whats the point of wrapping veggies in tin foil while grilling them, they come out like boiled and don’t have a nice smokey taste.

  3. What scientific evidence does Martha Stewart have for her allegations that the use of aluminum foil is dangerous to your health?

    Sounds like a great gimmick to sell her new invention.

    1. I haven’t read anything where Martha Stewart suggests that aluminum foil is dangerous. This article is written by me and shares my research. I suggest using Martha Stewart’s parchment lined foil as a substitute for aluminum foil.


  4. I will have to look for Martha Stewart’s new foil! I have had a problem with Aluminum toxicity and try to avoid it as much as possible. Thank you so much for this tip! Do you know where I can find it, please?

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