Is Xanthan Gum Safe?

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a food additive, added to our diets in 1968 when the FDA approved it as safe for human consumption. It is produced from a bacteria called Xanthomonas campestris, which is fed simple sugars in large batches and naturally secretes xanthan gum.

This ingredient provides structure and elasticity to gluten free baked goods to replace their lack of gluten. In addition, it is used as a thickener in sauces and as a stabilizer to keep liquids and oil combined such as in salad dressings. Gums even provide a chewy texture to ice cream.

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Dairy Free Substitute for Butter (Gluten Free)


Often times, going gluten free isn’t enough. If you’ve decided to try or are already on a dairy free, you’ll many substitutes for dairy items. Let’s get started by addressing a dairy free substitute for butter!

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Butter is usually the hardest dairy item to substitute. Let’s look at what butter is made: 80% fat + 20% water.

Coconut Oil or Refined Coconut Oil

I have tried using 80% refined organic coconut oil (refined doesn’t have any coconut flavor) plus 20% water and it came pit awfully close, but just did not quite contain enough fat. So, when using refined or regular coconut oil, try using 80% + 20% full-fat coconut milk or 90% coconut oil + 10% water.

Palm Oil

My favorite substitute for butter or coconut oil using the above formula is palm oil made by either Essential Depot or Okanarur. I first began using palm oil in gluten free vegan cookies for a recipe development client and they all turned out amazing! He thought so as well.

Your Feedback

Let me know how it goes by commenting below.

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Gluten Free Veal Scallopini (or Chicken or Pork) Scaloppine – Scaloppini

Gluten Free Veal Scallopini in Wine Cream Sauce

Whether cooking for two on Valentine’s Day or for guests, who doesn’t enjoy an elegant yet easy and fast main dish? This gluten free veal scallopini recipe is both. Gluten Free Chicken Marsala is another fave for easy and elegant. If you’re not a mushroom fan, just omit them. I usually add some for guests, but don’t serve them to either me or my husband. Meanwhile, this a delicious dish that may be served with pasta, rice, or mashed potatoes. Continue reading “Gluten Free Veal Scallopini (or Chicken or Pork) Scaloppine – Scaloppini”

How to Convince Kids to Go Gluten Free and So Much More

Child Afraid to Eat Gluten Free Food

Do you have a young child or teenager that is fighting you on staying on a gluten-free diet, or doesn’t even want to try it? When it’s not their idea, sometimes they need coaxing to get them onboard. Below I include an easy step-by-step plan that I created for you to follow. It’s nothing more than a sales technique, in this case, a diet. Good luck and let me know how it goes by posting a comment at the bottom of the page. Continue reading “How to Convince Kids to Go Gluten Free and So Much More”

Is Rice Gluten Free?

Varieties of Gluten Free Rice

If you’re wondering what the answer to the question, “Is rice gluten free?” you’re probably new to the gluten free diet. Rice is naturally gluten-free. It doesn’t matter if you purchase a bag of uncooked, unprocessed rice in white, jasmine, brown, or even wild or red varieties. Boxed basmati rice is included. However, there are certain times when rice may contain gluten. The FDA allows up to 20 parts per million (ppm) gluten in any product labeled gluten free. However, rice is usually gluten free when it is not labeled gluten free. Learn when rice is gluten free and when it may not be. Continue reading “Is Rice Gluten Free?”

Is Buckwheat Gluten Free? – Diabetes + 5 Recipes


Buckwheat may sound like it contains wheat or gluten, it does not. In addition, to being gluten free, it is also grain free as it is actually a seed, not a grain. Just be sure to purchase a brand that is labeled gluten free. When it is not, it may contain wheat or other gluten grains due to its processing method.

Interestingly, while wheat tends to spike glucose levels, buckwheat lowers them. There are several studies that show a patient’s glucose levels lowered after consuming buckwheat on a regular basis. Not only do the whole grains helps control diabetes and the prevention of same, but products baked with buckwheat flour do such as well. Continue reading “Is Buckwheat Gluten Free? – Diabetes + 5 Recipes”