Gluten Free Egg Foo Young

Image: Gluten Free Egg Foo Young

Egg foo young, also spelled egg foo yong, egg fu yung, egg fooyung, and egg furong, literally means “lots of eggs”. This gluten free egg foo young is prepared with eggs, vegetables, and meat or shellfish, if desired. You can add your favorite vegetables or traditional bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, sliced cabbage, or mushrooms, to name a few ideas. Water chestnuts or bamboo shoots add a delightful texture. What makes it distinctly different from frattata (its Italian cousin) is the sauce it is served with. Continue reading “Gluten Free Egg Foo Young”

Gluten Free Malaysian Chicken Satay (Fish-Free, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free Options)

Image: Gluten Free Chicken Satay

What can you place on a stick to eat besides shish kebobs and corn dogs? Chicken satay! Satay originated in Indonesia, but there are also Asian versions. Satay is different than shish kabobs, mainly in the sauce. Instead of barbecue sauce and such, Thai satay recipes call for coconut milk and curry. Indonesia satay, also known as sate ayam, calls for ketchup or tomato sauce and sugar. Malaysian satay calls for such ingredients as belacan (shrimp paste), galangal (a relative of ginger), and lemon grass, which are not available to everyone. This is my own unique gluten free, soy free, Malaysian version of satay using more commonly known ingredients. You may use chicken or a tender cut of beef or pork. Pork tenderloin is wonderful! However, today I am using chicken breast meat. I’m not a big peanut butter fan, but the peanut butter sauce is out of this world! Continue reading “Gluten Free Malaysian Chicken Satay (Fish-Free, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free Options)”

Spinach Rice

Spinach Rice

This spinach rice dish may be made with an Indian flare or a Chinese flare. Either way, it’s delicious. I chose to hide the bitter taste of spinach in this recipe. No bitterness at all! If anything it tasted a bit creamy, though, it is dairy-free. For a Chinese flare, use gluten free soy sauce. For an Indian flare, use butter and turmeric. If not egg tolerant, or vegetarian or vegan, skip the eggs. This recipe is very forgiving on amounts and ingredients. Another gluten free recipe to add to your favorites in which you can get creative. Enjoy! Continue reading “Spinach Rice”

Delicious Gluten Free Chinese BBQ Pork (Soy Free and Tomato Free)

Chinese BBQ Pork

This Chinese BBQ pork recipe may be made soy free when using my soy free barbecue sauce recipe which calls for my soy free soy sauce recipe; or with the use of any gluten free soy sauce or barbecue sauce. Traditionally, Chinese BBQ pork does not call for tomatoes or ketchup, though some use it. This recipe is tomato free. And if you’re not on a gluten free diet, of course, you may use any brands you desire. This recipe calls for a slow cooker (crockpot), and may be followed by broiling the meat, which is optional. As you can see in the photo that it is sticky, and you may make it crisp on the outside, if you wish. No matter how you prepare it, in the end, it is flavorful, inside and out. I made this especially for my experiment with gluten free egg rolls. This Chinese BBQ pork recipe truly is a delight. Bring Chinese food back to your life with this delicious gluten free recipe! Continue reading “Delicious Gluten Free Chinese BBQ Pork (Soy Free and Tomato Free)”

Chinese Soy Free Gluten Free Barbecue Sauce Marinade

Gluten Free Soy Free Chinese Barbecue Sauce

It took a bit of research to create this Asian gluten free barbecue sauce. Traditionally, an Asian barbecue sauce recipe will call for hoisin sauce, which is made up partly of soy beans and soy sauce, which usually is not gluten free, and certainly not soy free. Wanting one that is soy free is what brought me to create a portion of this recipe. The main reason is that I am developing a gluten free egg rolls recipe, and needed to get all my ducks in a row. I planned on using barbecued pork as one of the ingredients but wanted more of an authentic Asian gluten free barbecue sauce. Due to my allergies, it is taking a couple of gluten free recipes just to get started on the egg rolls, but if you’re not a soy-free dieter you may use store-bought items to make it easier. And I discovered that tomato or ketchup is not a traditional ingredient though you may find it used in some recipes. Stay tuned in for more on the egg rolls soon, if all turns out well. But definitely watch for my Chinese barbecue pork recipe. For now, I hope you enjoy this Chinese soy free gluten free barbecue sauce. Along with a little gluten free chicken broth, it’s going to make some awesome barbecued pork. It’s time to get those crockpots out! Continue reading “Chinese Soy Free Gluten Free Barbecue Sauce Marinade”

Gluten Free Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi is a naturally gluten-free Japanese dessert, served during Japanese New Year and year round, usually in the form of a very starch rice cake. However, that same starchy rice dough is used to wrap frozen balls of ice cream. Mochi ice cream is a unique dessert that everyone should, at least, try once! Kids would love to make them! The little ones can help. You can add food coloring to the dough, and flavored extracts, as well. I like to use natural food coloring or cocoa powder. It can be made with a regular or dairy-free ice cream, sherbet or frozen yogurt. They remind me of bon-bons! Have fun with this one! Continue reading “Gluten Free Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream”

Gluten Free Chicken Shirataki Noodle Salad in Lettuce Cups

Gluten-Free Asian Chicken Noodle Lettuce Cups

If you’re looking for a light, quick, yet elegant meal, look no further! Shiratiki noodles contain very little carbs, therefore, this is great for a gluten-free low-carb diet, and those with diabetes. I needed a meal in 30 minutes or less, therefore, I did not marinate the chicken, but should I have had time, I definitely would have, though calories are saved by not doing so. I’ve added how to marinate the chicken at bottom of this page. You can add vegetables to this recipe such as green bell pepper or parboiled carrots, etc., and saute them along with the chicken. This is a gluten free recipe that I would serve anyone – gluten-free dieter or not! This is my favorite out of all of my shirataki noodle recipes. The other is used in a soup. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Chicken Shirataki Noodle Salad in Lettuce Cups”

Gluten Free Salad Dressing for Asian/Chinese Chicken Salad

Gluten-free Asian Salad

Little by little I am attempting to remove all soy from my diet. The one thing that I am still working on is converting some recipes to soy free. Therefore, for this Asian gluten free salad dressing recipe, often known as Chinese chicken salad, I chose to use balsamic vinegar instead of rice vinegar and soy sauce. I also used agave syrup to make it lower in effecting glycemic index levels. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Salad Dressing for Asian/Chinese Chicken Salad”

Gluten Free Plum Sauce

e:Red Gluten Free Plum Sauce - Red

I have been craving Chinese food. What better condiment is there to complement Chinese food than a gluten free plum sauce recipe? A quick plum sauce can be made with plum jam, but this gluten free plum sauce is made from fresh, ripe plums! Generally, one would use red flesh plums as they make a more attractive presentation, but you can use any yellow-fleshed plums if you wish. I used agave nectar/syrup which is said to affect your glycemic levels gradually, rather than fast and all at once like refined sugar, and it is less processed. If you’re making it for kids, skip the red pepper flakes. Plum sauce goes well with chicken, pork, egg rolls, gluten-free potstickers and more. Continue reading “Gluten Free Plum Sauce”