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Raw Almond Milk Recipe

Image: Raw Almond Milk

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I discovered a healthy raw almond milk recipe while watching a couple of Ani Phyo‘s YouTube videos. She was a guest on my online radio show, Carla’s Cooking not too long ago. She’s wonderful! I have adapted her recipe to my liking, as she is general about the portions so that you can adjust it accordingly. You can watch her video below.

UPDATE: I no longer use vanilla extract or vanilla bean in my milk, and sometimes use little or no dates at all. I’ve always skipped the salt, but feel free to add a pinch to yours. Continue reading “Raw Almond Milk Recipe”

Red Tornado Drink

Image: Red Tornado Cocktail with Pineapple

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In yesterday’s episode of The Doctor Oz Show, April 26, 2010, a bar tender shared this red tornado drink recipe. It’s a great juice recipe and is naturally gluten-free. Made from many fresh fruit and vegetable juices, it sounds so yummy! It was suggested to make in a martini shaker, but I choose to add it to a blender with ice. Add vodka or not. Enjoy! Continue reading “Red Tornado Drink”

Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Gluten Free Watermelon Smoothie
Last Updated on February 26, 2017 The other day I was watching the Paula Deen show and she made water melon coolers. I happened to have had a huge watermelon that I had planned on using when I had company, but didn’t. Making a watermelon smoothie was a perfect way to consume the watermelon fast …
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