Gluten Free Easter Cake – Colomba Pasquale – Italian Dove Bread

Gluten Free Colomba Bread - Dove Bread

This gluten free Colomba recipe may be served as a sweet bread on Easter with ham or at breakfast or brunch. It is an Italian tradition. You may form it into its traditional dove shape by using paper molds or use a standard ring baking pan as I did. This bread is tender and not as sweet as cake, but sweeter than bread. Make it with dairy or dairy-free. Add your choice of dried or glazed fruit. It’s simply delicious! It’s a little like a bear claw pastry. Happy Easter! Continue reading “Gluten Free Easter Cake – Colomba Pasquale – Italian Dove Bread”

Gluten Free Honey Oat Bread Video (Machine or Oven)

Video of Making Gluten Free Oat Bread in a Bread Machine

I was asked to create a gluten free recipe video for an upcoming women’s health summit; however, it was postponed. Here is the first half of the video showing you how I make my Gluten Free Oat Bread Recipe in a Bread Machine (using sugar or honey). I hope this helps you in your gluten free baking. I list the bread machine model on the recipe page. Meanwhile, stay tuned for my gluten free naan video tomorrow.

Note: To make this recipe dairy-free, just omit the non-fat dry milk. You can also substitute the water with rice milk. To make this recipe oat-free, substitute the oat flour with sorghum flour and use 2 additional tablespoons of oil.

After you watch the video…

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Gluten Free Oatnut 3-Seed Bread Machine Recipe (or Oven)

Gluten Free Oatnut 3 Seed Bread for Bread Machine

Oat bread has always been my adult bread of choice. When I went gluten free, it was the bread I missed the most, next to sourdough. I’ve created a number of gluten free oat bread recipes. This one mimics Oroweat’s Oatnut 3 Seed Bread. They both contain the same seeds, but this one is minus the wheat flour and works with a bread machine that has a gluten free setting. I used the Breadman BK1050S. If your machine doesn’t have a gluten free setting, look for my other oat bread machine recipe at the above link. Enjoy. Continue reading “Gluten Free Oatnut 3-Seed Bread Machine Recipe (or Oven)”

Gluten Free Oat Bread Machine Recipe with GF Setting (or Sorghum) (or Oven)

Gluten Free Oat Sandwich Bread from a Bread Machine

I am so excited about this recipe! It is the best gluten free bread machine recipe I have developed thus far. This gluten free oat bread machine recipe works perfectly in the Breadman BK1050S, which has a Gluten Free setting. The bread turns out soft and spongy just like the best oat bread made with gluten. It is perfect for sandwiches and is free of tapioca flour. I have experimented and baked quite a few versions of gluten free bread in this machine, and this is the only one that turned out perfect! The rest were just too starchy and gummy. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Meanwhile, check out my review of the Breadman BK1050S bread machine; however, the giveaway has ended.

Watch the Video first!

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Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe – Oat Bread

Image: Gluten Free Oat Bread Sliced

This is the second gluten free bread machine recipe that I have developed and recently published. This oat bread is my all-time favorite, though I need to experiment with substituting the tapioca flour/starch for cornstarch, due to allergies. I’ve created a specific category for these Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipes. So, you may check it now and again to see what’s new (see link above). Continue reading “Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe – Oat Bread”

Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe: White Bread

Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe for White Bread

In preparation for summer, I decided to start working on a gluten free bread machine recipe, and I’m so glad that I did! I have on old version of the Breadman Ultimate, Model No. TR2200WWC, similar to the TR2200C. If I recall correctly, I purchased it around 2004, well before they made bread machines with a gluten free cycle. One thing great about the Breadman Ultimate series is that they are programmable so that you can skip steps or set the length of time, i.e., the first and second kneads, shape (punch), bake and rise, even add ins. If you have a newer model, perhaps it will turn out well using the gluten free cycle. Continue reading “Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe: White Bread”