Homemade Dairy Free Ricotta Cheese Recipe (Gluten Free)

Dairy Free Gluten Free Ricotta Cheesme - Homemade

Not everyone heals by going gluten-free alone. If your symptoms persist, try going dairy-free as well. Using this dairy free ricotta cheese recipe is a step in the right direction. I tested this recipe alongside real ricotta cheese and the only difference was that the homemade version had a little more flavor to it. It’s simply delicious!
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Low-Carb Gluten-Free Breaded Cauliflower

Gluten Free Roasted and Breaded Cauliflower

They say that cauliflower is the new kale for 2016. I don’t know about that, but I do know that it is the perfect substitute for high carb starches like rice and potatoes. This roasted cauliflower dish is the low-carb replacement for high-carb gluten-free breaded cauliflower. It’s not full of starch but provides the same flavor and texture. Make the Parmesan variation if desired. Continue reading “Low-Carb Gluten-Free Breaded Cauliflower”

Gluten Free Chicken Kebabs – Kabobs with Honey Marinade

Gluten Free Chicken Kabobs

One of my Facebook followers requested a recipe for a sweet and sticky chicken kebab / kabob marinade. Honey or sugar and some liquid can create stickiness, but honey or agave is the best. Gluten-free barbecue sauce would also work if that’s all you have on hand. However, honey or honey and mustard are awesome. It’s great due to my tomato allergies. In this recipe, I use lots of black pepper. Depending to whom I am serving it to, I may even add a little gluten free chipotle or hot sauce. Yum! Let me know how you like it.  Continue reading “Gluten Free Chicken Kebabs – Kabobs with Honey Marinade”

Deviled Avocado Eggs

Gluten Free Deviled Avocado Eggs

Question: What is Easter without deviled eggs? Answer: Better, if you serve deviled avocado eggs! Avocado is a healthy fat. You can use it to substitute some of all of the mayonnaise usually used in deviled egg recipes. If you’re an avocado lover, you have to try it! For something new and to kick things up a bit, cut the eggs so that they stand vertically instead of horizontally. Continue reading “Deviled Avocado Eggs”

Copycat Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Atkins Shake Recipe

Gluten Free Dairy Free Atkins-Style Shakes
Atkin shakes do not contain any gluten (wheat, rye or barley). They do, however, contain cross-contamination of gluten from their factory. Therefore, they are not labeled gluten free. This led me to develop a gluten free atkins shake recipe that is also dairy and soy-free. I hope you find it helpful. I included the carb ccount on the right side of each ingredient that contains carbs. Atkins shakes cost $7.89 per 4 count. This recipe contains 2.25 carbs. Atkins vanilla shake contains 1 carb and the chocolate, 2 carbs. So, you’ll definitely save money making your own, but you obviously will consume more carbs. They are both 11 ounces.
This recipe is also free of carrageenan and artificial flavoring, which Atkins shakes contain. The below recipe is vanilla and pumpkin-spiced flavored. You can flavor it as you see fit. Just be sure to add carbs where appropriate such as 2 grams for 1 Tablespoon of cocoa powder, which is not allowed during the induction phase. As is, this recipe is allowed during the induction phase as well as throughout the diet.
Note: Many sugar-free substitutes contain carbohydrates. I use stevia, which is much healthier than cancer causing artificial sweeteners. Plus the variety I use does not any carbs at all.
Important: A high protein diet such as the Atkins Diet causes a diuretic effect on the body. While you lose water, you are also losing important minerals such as calcium. If you are not consuming dairy on the Atkins diet, be sure to take calcium supplements.* You can lose about 1.75 milligrams of calcium through water loss for each gram of animal protein ingested.

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Stevia Sweetened Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

Stevia Sweetened Homemade Almond Milk

Up to a few years ago, I was making a homemade almond milk recipe created by Ani Phyo, date sweetened almond milk. However, due to its high carbohydrate content, I switched to unsweetened. Recently, I began adding a bit of stevia to the recipe. I finally found a brand that isn’t bitter, NOW Better Stevia. Now my almond milk is perfect!

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Four-Cheese Gluten Free Quiche with Leeks & Bacon

Gluten Free Leek Bacon and 4-Cheese Quiche

I had some leeks in the frig that were crying out, “Use me before I go bad.” You can make this gluten free quiche with crust. However, if you are watching your carbs, skip the crust and just oil the pie dish and bake the filling. The cream, bacon and cheese are low in carbs. The filling is incredibly moist and flavorful. Enjoy! Continue reading “Four-Cheese Gluten Free Quiche with Leeks & Bacon”

En Papillote: Cooking in Parchment Paper Without Oil

Fish and Vegetables Cooked Using the Papillote Method

The summer season is almost over. Now it’s time to lose a few pounds before the holidays hit us hard (at least for me). En papillote is a method of cooking that omits oil and other fats such as butter. Instead, you steam-bake the items, seasonings, and if desired, a small amount of broth or wine, in parchment paper. (Aluminum foil is avoided as it can leach into your food.) The natural juices of poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit entwine and develop amazing flavor without oil or fat. You can steam-bake vegetables by themselves, too. Be sure to read the “Tips” section below to find out how to make my favorite en papillote chicken recipe.

En papillote cooking is so easy, you have to try it once and you’ll be hooked! It can turn pungent fish such as mackerel into a delightful and healthful dish. You can even make low-carb dishes by substituting starch (rice, potatoes, pasta and bread) for additional veggies.

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Gluten Free Zucchini Pasta with Creamy Garlic Sauce

Zucchini Pasta with Gluten Free Garlic Sauce

I have been making an effort to reduce the carbohydrates in my diet. I purchased a Spiral Vegetable Slicer and my first experiment was making zucchini ribbons. Using zucchini pasta instead of high carb rice or corn pasta saves a tremendous amount of carbohydrates. One medium zucchini contains only 6g carbs and 2g fiber. My favorite gluten free brown rice pasta contains 43g carbs and 2g fiber per 1/2 cup of uncooked pasta. If you enjoy zucchini, you will love this dish. I used creamy garlic sauce, but you can use marinara, meat sauce, or pesto. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Zucchini Pasta with Creamy Garlic Sauce”