Gluten Free Caramelized Onion Bacon Quiche

Caramelized Onion Bacon Quiche

When you want to impress guests, make this delicious gluten free caramelized onion bacon quiche. Caramelizing the onion provides a richer, sweeter flavor, but if you wish to make a faster version you may do that as well. The filing mixed with its savory custard is decadent, to say the least. This recipe is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or potluck.

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Cup4Cup Gluten Free Multigrain Bread Mix Copycat Recipe

Cup4Cup Gluten Free Multigrain Bread Mix

Cup4Cup now makes a gluten free multigrain bread mix that contains very little white refined starch, in this case, tapioca flour. All of the other flours are made of whole grains such as oat, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, teff, as well as flax seed meal. The great thing about this copycat recipe is that you can change whatever you cannot tolerate. Provided are substitutes for oat flour, xanthan gum, and even eggs. This recipe is naturally dairy-free.

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Black Bean Turkey Chili with Beef Flavor

Turkey Black Bean Chili

Without the use of tomatoes or bell pepper, you can make this flavorful black bean turkey chili. There’s an unusual vegetable in this version of the recipe. What is it? Carrots! Meanwhile, turkey is a smart choice for those watching calories and fat, but usually doesn’t add much flavor to chili and stews. However, the broth you use is the key. If you’re not watching your fat or calorie intake, there are add-ins that you’ll absolutely love.

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Gluten Free Cornbread Waffles

Gluten Free Cornbread Waffles

Recently, I saw a photo of cornbread waffles and chili and just had to create a gluten free cornbread waffles version. While my chili over-powered the flavor of these amazing waffles, I love them, even plain, without syrup. That’s unusual for me. They really are that tasty. Give them a try and see for yourself. Because they contain very little sugar, they’d make a great snack for kids as well as adults. A video is coming on soon showing the crispness of these waffles.

Check out their texture. Watch the video !

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Yogurt Recipe (Lactose-Free, Dairy-Free, Traditional, Custard, or Greek)

Homemade Lactose Free Yogurt

Learn to make yogurt that is creamier than you can buy in the stores, which you can make sugar-free, refined-sugar-free, or using the sweeteners of your choosing. You can even make lactose-free yogurt as I did, pictured above. Read how easy it all is to do! See Notes section to make Greek Yogurt.

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Gluten Free Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas

Gluten Free Chicken Bacon Quesadillas

When you’re looking for something different to make for dinner, make these delicious gluten free chicken and bacon quesadillas in the oven or on the stovetop. The bacon and added spices make a healthy substitute for chorizo (no red dye, soy, or unwanted pork parts). Use traditional bacon or turkey bacon, as long as the brand is gluten free. Use brown or white meat chicken. Add your favorite quesadilla toppings or eat plain and you’re good to go!

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Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Sliced French Bread (Sorghum)

Gluten Free Dairy Free Sliced French Bread

This gluten free dairy free white bread recipe creates a bread texture similar to traditional French bread with a similar crust without any rice flour. Everyone loves the previous Gluten Free Sliced French Bread but didn’t care for the large holes. This one is much better and begins with soft crust, straight out of the pan or after storage. Makes excellent sandwiches and toast.

Watch the video to see the texture. [coming any minute]

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