No Bake Gluten Free Black Forest Cake

No Bake Gluten Free Black Forest Cake

When summertime temperatures hit your area, you may wish to forgo baking. This easy to make no bake gluten free black forest cake is perfect for those days. Layered with chocolate wafers and filled with whipped cream and cherries, it is truly a summer delight. You can even add layers of sliced bananas.

Also check out the recipe for traditional Gluten Free Black Forest Cake made with chocolate cake.

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Mint Julep Recipe (Including Virgin Variation)

Mint Julep Cocktails

Whether you’re celebrating the Kentucky derby (which will be held September 4, 2020, instead of the first Saturday in May) or you just want a cool, sweet, summer adult beverage, this mint julep recipe will hit the spot. You can adjust the sweetness and bourbon strength to your liking. In our household, we enjoy them extra sweet and on the weak side. Make the virgin version for any kids.

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Gluten Free Halloween Pizza (Dairy-Free Options)

Gluten Free Halloween Pizza

Are you trying to avoid too many sweets this Halloween but wish to make something festive? Make a gluten free Halloween pizza. Kids will love the ghosts and creepy spiders. They can even help make them. Make one for the kid in adults as well! Choose among multiple recipes for gluten free pizza dough. My favorite is the New York-Style Pizza Crust (Thin or Thick). Watch the video too!

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Gluten Free Turkey Tacos with Beef-Flavor

Displaying tacos

So many people are consuming chicken and turkey instead of beef. If you prefer lower fat ground turkey instead of beef, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this recipe for gluten free turkey tacos. When most people try making recipes using turkey by simply substituting one for the other, they are terribly disappointed.  This recipe provides you with beef flavor without the added fat content. Try it! You’ll never go back! (unless you need additional calories) Continue reading “Gluten Free Turkey Tacos with Beef-Flavor”

Mexican-Style Chicken Parmesan (Gluten Free with Dairy Free Option)

Gluten Free Mexican-Style Chicken Parmesan in a casserole dish with a picture-in-a-picture of breaded chicken and sauce

My husband’s favorite dish is chicken or veal parmesan. Since I am allergic to tomatoes and missed his favorite recipe myself, I created this gluten free Mexican-style chicken parmesan recipe to satisfy my cravings. My husband said, “If I had a choice between the Italian and Mexican versions, I’d pick the Mexican because I like it spicy.” So, there you have it! Serve this to any spicy-loving, chicken-parm-lover in your life. Continue reading “Mexican-Style Chicken Parmesan (Gluten Free with Dairy Free Option)”