Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Gum-Free Potato Chive Bread Video

If you enjoy flavorful gluten free bread with the texture of sourdough gluten bread, you’ll love this gluten free potato chive bread. The unique ingredients together create this amazing bread. The reasons behind the main ingredients used in this recipe are all described in detail on the recipe page. Meanwhile, check out the texture in the below video.

4 Replies to “Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Gum-Free Potato Chive Bread Video”

  1. I made this bread today and I am blown away with it’s soft texture and chive infused flavor. I followed the instructions exactly, no substitutions!
    After the first rising on the bowl I looked over to see my chopped chives still sitting on the counter.
    I suggest that “ add chives” be inserted in the instructions at the end of step 3. I gently added my chives to the risen dough and then spooned it into the baking pan to rise again.
    This did not seem to bother the dough as my bread came out perfectly!
    Another great recipe Carla!!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Theresa! I am so happy that you enjoyed the recipe.

      I took your advice and added the chives to the third step. That’s where it should go! ;-) I can’t wait to hear your feedback after you make it with the chives.


      1. I actually tossed the chives in after the first rise! Then I let the dough rise in the pan before baking. It was risky but the bread still came out awesome.
        I’m thinking of adding a little onion powder next time…..

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