Gluten Free Ham List 2018

Attempting to find a whole gluten free ham may be a chore. However, you may find that this list will be helpful to you this holiday season. Listed, you will find gluten free hams sold in stores and online. Enjoy the holidays, and your ham! Be sure to read ingredient labels and check with manufacturers as ingredients change often. Some brands may contain fillers and seasonings that contain gluten.

Last update: March 27, 2018

Gluten Free Ham List


Berkshire Gluten Free Ham¬†–¬†No added Nitrites¬†or¬†Nitrates,¬†No MSG,¬†No Preservatives¬†and¬†No harmful Chemicals added. They offer whole, halves, smoked, cured, and uncrured.

Boar’s Head¬†Gluten Free Ham List –¬†Boar’s Head Gluten Free Statement¬†(To view their gluten free ham products go to¬†; click on Ham, then View Products (on right) and scroll through.)

Frick‚Äôs¬†Gluten Free Ham List¬†– All Frick’s hams¬†are gluten free and tested for cross-contamination: bone-in, boneless, honey and maple. Note, not all of their products are gluten free. Check out their Smoked Gluten Free Whole Ham.

HoneyBaked Gluten Free Hams РAll HoneyBaked Hams are gluten free. (Verified in a phone call on March 27, 2018: 1-866-492-4267.)

Hormel Gluten Free Products List

At the above link, you will see that Hormel states that items on their gluten free list are made without gluten containing ingredients. This done not mean that they were made in a gluten free facility. So, if you are intolerant to any from of cross-contamination of gluten, I suggest avoiding any Hormel product.

Jones Dairy Farm Gluten Free Ham List¬†‚ÄstJones Dairy Farm received gluten-free certification for the majority of their products from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), which tests product to be below 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten.

Certified Gluten-Free ham: Bone-In Fully Cooked Hickory Smoked Ham, Antibiotic-Free Heritage Half Ham, and Semi-Boneless Fully Cooked Hickory Smoked Ham.

Gluten Free, but Not Certified: A variety of Boneless Hams, but they are not certified gluten free.

Sugardale Foods – All Sugardale Ham products are gluten-free and are produced in a gluten free environment. Confirmed in a phone call on March 27, 2018.


10 Replies to “Gluten Free Ham List 2018”

  1. I contacted Maple Leaf Foods at 1-800-268-3708 and specifically asked about their flakes of ham having any gluten, but they told me that if any of their products contained any gluten at all it will be on the label.

  2. My favorite is Cook’s. Smithfield is also GF, marked on the package. Sam’s club sells a ham and a spiral ham that are both clearly marked GF.

  3. Thank you so much for the GF list of hams. I saw a Sugardale at my local Market Basket yesterday. Now that I know it’s gluten free, I will buy one tomorrow. It’s so hard sometimes to know for sure if something is gluten free by the label. You made my holiday gluten free food shopping so much easier!

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