Gluten-free Oats Still Bother You?

Many celiacs complain of gluten-free oats being contaminated, but if you are consuming certified gluten-free oats, you may be interested to know that a small percentage of celiacs are intolerant to oats, whether gluten-free or not.

There is a protein in oats, Avena sativa (avenin). Avenin is a glutenous protein, a similar protein found in wheat, gliadin.

Some individuals, including celiacs, have an intolerance or allergy to avenin.  Some are allergic to ingesting oats or having skin contact, while others have an intolerance to it when consumed.

Per a paper published on PubMed, “In 10 studies involving 165 patients, only 1 patient was shown to have histological damage as a result of consuming oats.” (2007)

Therefore, only .006% of celiacs in these studies had an intolerance to oats.  However, earlier studies showed a higher percent.  This difference has been surmised that it may take a longer time for those with celiac disease to respond negatively, meaning the more you are exposed to oats, eventually the damage will occur.

As a precaution, ensure that your oats are free of cross-contaminated and if you do present symptoms, stop eating oats and see if your symptoms disappear.

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