Is Pantene Gluten Free?

Perhaps off the subject of gluten free cooking, however, after all that hard work in the kitchen, you may be wondering, as one of my readers did, whether your hair products are gluten free. While I personally do not have any problem with many hair products, I did know that Costco’s Kirkland brand is gluten free. I do not have to use gluten free products, but I like to use them whenever possible. Because what we put on our skin is absorbed into the blood stream, I like to play it safe.

Image: Pantene Shampoo

Some of the hair products I use on a regular basis are made by Pantene. I use their shampoo and conditioner. It’s fairly inexpensive and works very well. I searched online to find out whether it is gluten free, and I could not find a definite answer, just a person complaining that Pantene wouldn’t answer their question, or others who “heard” it was gluten free. So, I contacted Pantene to ask them whether or not their products were gluten free. Their answer is below:

We know Celiac is a serious disease, so we want to give you clear information regarding the use of our beauty care products. If wheat and/or gluten aren’t directly added to a product by us, these ingredients won’t be listed on our packages. Like many companies, we often purchase the scents for fragranced products from outside suppliers, and the components of these substances are proprietary information belonging to those companies. Therefore it’s possible that a very small amount (generally parts per million) of gluten may be present.

We sought advice from physicians; they told us it would be very unlikely a person with Celiac disease would have a reaction from a trace amount of gluten coming into contact with his skin or hair. This is because wheat, rye, barley and/or gluten generally cause symptoms when they’re ingested. Since our beauty care products are designed to be used externally on the skin, their use shouldn’t be an issue for someone with this disease.

Since gluten sensitivity can vary among people, it would be best if you consulted with your physician about the use of all types of consumable goods, if you haven’t already. You might even consider using one of our fragrance free products that doesn’t list gluten or wheat extracts on the label.

Their response did not satisfy me enough to promote it to celiacs and those who are gluten-intolerant. So I emailed them back asking if they know the ppm (parts per million) of any possible gluten present. When I hear back from them I’ll post their reply below. All you have to do is save this page to your favorites in your Internet browser and check back soon. They answered my initial question in less than a day. Hopefully, I’ll hear back from on Monday. Update: They never responded to my second email.

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  1. I actually went looking only because I just started using pantene after using organic shampoo and the back of my head has been burning and itching. Seeing other comments echo this tells me it is certainly my shampoo, gluten or not, there is something in there that does not bode well with celiac or gluten intolerance since this is a common thread amongst those here. I’ll be getting rid of my pantene.

  2. I realize this is years later, but did Pantene ever respond with an answer as to how many ppm of gluten their product may contain? Thanks!

  3. I use Pantene all the time and have never had an issue. I don’t use a specific kind. I buy different kinds all the time because Pantene works best for my hair type. I have celiac but have yet to have any kind of rash from this product so I’m not sure if the people that had the rashes have a bigger celiac issue than me or if they are allergic directly to something in the shampoo/conditioner such as wheat, barley more than most. Just thought I would share. I have been using Pantene since I was a teenager, I’m 35 now. I was just diagnosed with Celiac 2 years ago but still have never had a bad reaction to any products, not even Pantene. Sorry everyone is having these issues, stinks :(

  4. I also have celiac disease. I got a severely itchy rash on my head from using a different shampoo so I tried Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner, which is gluten free, and the rash went away immediately. However, I ran out of the Lemongrass and thought I would try Pantene, and the rash is back! -On my neck and arm :( I am so aggravated with companies that don’t disclose even trace amounts of gluten! I guess they are too lazy to make the effort to find out what is really in their product. I will never buy their products again.

  5. I “only” suffer from celiac disease and do not have skin reactions when handling gluten. Nonetheless, using products like shampoo or lotion makes me feel uncomfortable because I am concerned about accidentally ingesting gluten. I am sorry to hear that there are several people who have had a reaction to a product that, supposedly, only contains very small amounts of gluten.

  6. I enjoyed your post about Pantene. I tried it, as Jillian posted, I ended up with a rash, and also loss of hair. I recently came across Finesse newer line, Clean and Simple. It states that it is free of allergens, dyes and sulfates. Also no parabens or gluten. Price is great, too. Less than three dollars a bottle.

    1. Laurie,

      Thanks for the tip on the Finesse. I’m in search of a new brand because I recently read that parabens can mimic estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. I already take estrogen and don’t need anymore.

      Are you celiac?


      1. Carla,
        Yes, I am. I was diagnosed two years ago. I also have Dh. I am always in search for products that are gluten free and easy on the wallet.

  7. Thank you for posting that. I used Pantene pro beautiful lengths for the 1st time in years. On Friday. And now I have a burn like rash on the back of my head.

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