National Celiac Disease Awareness Month

May is celiac disease awareness month (not to be confused with International Celiac Awareness month in October).  I not only wish to raise awareness about celiac disease, but those who have a gluten intolerance for other reasons!

To kick off Celiac Awareness Month, I not only became a member of GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) of North America, but am establishing a group in my area, the Central Valley, near Fresno, California. ¬†I am so excited to coordinate with GIG in this new adventure! ¬†I hope you’ll join me and become a member of GIG. ¬†You’ll receive their awesome quarterly magazine, too!

The Gluten Free Challenge


Over 2000 individuals joined the Gluten Free Challenge last year, mostly in support of those they know and love who are already gluten-free. ¬†This is a project of The Gluten Free Intolerance Group of North America and Pamela’s Products (the maker of gluten-free mixes and pre-made products). ¬†Love their cheesecake!

Generous donations to this project were provided by Delight Gluten-Free Magazine, Doctors Richard and Vikki Petersen (authors of The Gluten Effect), Living Without Magazine and gluten-free nutrition expert Shelley Case.  Due to their generosity, The Challenge reaches far and wide.

What is the Gluten-Free Challenge?

Everyone is being challenged to spend one weekend living and eating completely gluten-free. ¬†It’s that simple!

When is the Gluten-Free Challenge?
The weekend of May 21 & 22, 2011.

Giveaways and More!
They will be having drawings for free product giveaways throughout the month leading up to the Challenge. So, don’t forget to sign-up early for more chances to win some great prizes. ¬†You’ll also receive the daily recipes and tips, and you can share your experiences on GIG’s¬†How It’s Going blog.

In addition, everyone who completes the challenge will receive a certificate of completion!

Don’t wait!  Take the Gluten-Free Challenge May 2011! Go to [link no longer available] to sign up!

Already gluten-free?  Share this with a friend by clicking share at the bottom of this email.

Once you sign-up, you’ll receive the GIG newsletter with recipes, tips and gluten-free product giveaways and information on how to share your experiences. ¬†The Gluten-Free Challenge is completely FREE.


Chef  to Plate International Awareness Campaign

In addition to the Gluten Free Challenge, in 2009 and 2010, GIG sponsored a gluten-free campaign which brings awareness of gluten intolerance to many, the¬†Chef to Plate Campaign. ¬†This year will be no different. ¬†In the month April team leaders handed out promotional material to restaurants. ¬†Table tents (tri-fold cards) and posters were provided to any restaurant which has a gluten-free menu and wished to participate. ¬†There was no cost to the restaurant. ¬†All material was provided by GIG of North America. ¬†The restaurant’s participation is then used for promotion on social and other forms of media. ¬†The original intention was for this campaign to be a national one as well as reaching into Canada, but it turned out to be an international campaign! ¬†The participation was phenomenal last year and I am sure the word has spread by now, with more restaurants participating this year! ¬†Just look at all of the gluten-free menus that have popped up everywhere! ¬†You can read about past Chef to Plate Campaigns.

Let‚Äôs all spread the word of gluten intolerance together! ¬†Tell us what you’ll be doing this month to help.

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