Celiac Disease Neurological Symptoms – Is Gluten Damaging Your Brain

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen

When I first began reading this article. My first thought was, “Not another thing associated with celiac and gluten!” As I read further, I began to see to possible connection with more than celiac disease, but with any type of gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. This article covers a study which shows actual brain damage in those with celiac disease and the common and more serious celiac disease neurological symptoms, including brain damage. Read on to learn from Dr. Vikki Petersen. Continue reading “Celiac Disease Neurological Symptoms – Is Gluten Damaging Your Brain”

I’m Celiac – How Good Can I Expect to Feel?

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Vikki Petersen, D.C., C.C.N.

Discovering that you have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, is often a decade long process (or longer!) that entails many doctors, many drugs to treat symptoms actually being caused by gluten, and a lot of treatments that don’t work.

When you finally find out the ‘real’ answer – gluten – you think all your problems will be solved. And initially, it often seems that they are. But, due to a continued leaky gut, undiagnosed infections, a compromised immune system, cross-reactive foods (those that mimic gluten), poor digestive enzyme levels, probiotic imbalances and/or hormone imbalance, symptoms often return. Continue reading “I’m Celiac – How Good Can I Expect to Feel?”

FDA Seeks Input on Gluten in Drugs to Protect Celiac Disease Patients

In 2011, the FDA opened a docket for discussing gluten-free food labeling to help those wth celiac disease and high gluten intolerance. This year’s subject open for discussion is gluten in drugs. The products in question include prescription, nonprescription, biologic, and homeopathic drugs. Learn about the FDA’s assessment results on the percentage of gluten tolerated by those with …
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Undiagnosed Celiac? Your Bones are at Risk

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen

Dr. Vikki Petersen stresses the importance of an undiagnosed celiac getting diagnosed; how gluten effects their bone health; explains evidence of same; and reminds us to never cheat on our gluten diet. Thank you once again, Dr. Vikki, for educating us all!

For those of us who know something about celiac disease we understand that:

  • It’s an autoimmune disease

We may or may not know the following however:

  1. Where there’s one autoimmune disease there tends to be others
  2. Autoimmune diseases are the third leading cause of death in this country Continue reading “Undiagnosed Celiac? Your Bones are at Risk”

Supervalu Rolls Out Gluten-Free Health and Wellness Program

Naturally Gluten-Free Cart
SuperValu, drug and supermarket retailer, will be rolling out their new health and wellness program which addresses the gluten-free diet for those who have celiac disease, gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, as well as other diseases and conditions. Their supermarkets rolling out the program will include Acme, Albertsons, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s/Star Market …
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Gluten Intolerance and Stress

Image: Dr. Vikki Petersen
Gluten intolerance, be it celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, creates a lot of stress on the body. Through malabsorption, inflammation and a host of other damaging factors, it is no wonder that the stress gland itself would be similarly affected. The stress glands are designed to help us adapt successfully to life’s stressors and do …
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Gluten-free Grain-free Baking

Grain-free Image
I hear more and more stories from individuals who are on a gluten-free diet and/or have celiac disease, who cannot tolerate any grains whatsoever, not just gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley and contaminated oats).  They go gluten-free and grain-free! Some individuals do not fully recover on a gluten-free diet alone because they have other allergies …
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Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?

Gluten-Sensitivity Image
Gluten-sensitivity (GS) is a very controversial subject, but new research has been performed which will answer this very question. Before I explore whether or not gluten-sensitivity is real, I would first like to explore “gluten-sensitivity,” itself, as well as “gluten-intolerance” and “celiac disease” in order to provide a better understanding of the research. Celiac Disease Defined Most people …
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Gluten Free Roasted Balsamic Carrots

Gluten-free Roasted Balsamic Carrots
If are tired of the same old vegetable recipes, this gluten free recipe may do the trick! This recipe comes to us compliments of Joy Bauer. Joy is the NBC’s Today Show nutritionist! She has some wonderful gluten free recipes in her Recipes for celiac disease collection. In addition, Joy has many healthy recipes in her …
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National Celiac Disease Awareness Month

May is celiac disease awareness month (not to be confused with International Celiac Awareness month in October).  I not only wish to raise awareness about celiac disease, but those who have a gluten intolerance for other reasons! To kick off Celiac Awareness Month, I not only became a member of GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) of …
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