New Gluten Free Products 2013 – Part 3

New gluten free products are popping up everywhere. However, each year my husband and I discover new, natural, gluten free products at the Natural Products Expo West trade show. You may find some of the products in this series that are not new, however, they are new to me. Some will not even be in on shelves for a few months. Others have recently been distributed to stores. This post includes some of the major players, as well as a couple that will be or should be very soon, as their products are awesome! I hope you find this series helpful.  This is part 3. See the first post, New Gluten Free Products 2013, and the second, New Gluten Free Products 2013 Part 2!


Image: NoGii's New Gluten Free Paleo Bar

NoGii, Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s line of gluten free products¬†has some new bars you should definitely know about! They have a new¬†paleo line¬†which includes Nuts About Nuts, Nuts About Berries and Nuts About Tropical Fruit. Though I didn’t have the opportunity to try those, I did taste their¬†D’Lites¬†Chocolate and Caramel Bliss bar. It is small, but thick; is packed with crunch, has a peanut butter flavor, and the bar is coated with a enough really good chocolate that it taste like a candy bar! I’m not a peanut fan, but enjoyed it! It is lower in protein compared to their other bars, but they have something for everyone. I also tasted their Peanut Butter and Chocolate High Protein bar. I’m sure those of you who are would enjoy it. Their newest high protein bar flavor is Chocolate Mint, and watch for their upcoming flavor, Cocoa Brownie! Check out all of their bars:¬†high protein¬†(20 grams protein),¬†super protein¬†(30 g),¬†D’Lites,¬†Paleo¬†(8 g) and new¬†Kids bar, Marshmallow Rice Crisp¬†(230 mg Omega 3’s)!

NOW¬†– We stopped by their booth and spoke with¬†Phil Keoghan, its maker, and star of the TV show,¬†The Amazing Race. He’s so handsome in person! I didn’t realize it was him until we started walking away. How embarrassing! Meanwhile, his new flavored bar is Cranberry, Peanut & Almond. You may have already read my¬†review¬†on all of the other flavors. Well…my husband was overjoyed with this flavor! We review so many gluten free products that I rarely hear him ask where can he buy it, but that’s just what he asked me! So, if you have the opportunity, try it when it reaches your local store.

OSEM¬†partnered with¬†Nestl√©¬†has made gluten free pretzels under¬†private labels (for other companies), but will now be making them under their own label. Look for them in stores within the coming months. If you’re a pretzel fan, you’ll love these, as they taste just like their gluten cousins – no difference at all!

Mary’s Gone Crackers¬†is very aware of those intolerant or who avoid soy. Their latest gluten free and soy free product is gluten-free soy-free graham crackers, soon to be in a store near you! I tasted the graham crackers and they were scrumptious! They are Kosher, organic, non-GMO, whole grain, vegan, dairy-free, and free of hydrogenated oils. They contain sweet potato, coconut, and plantain flours, as well as mesquite powder. Their latest cracker flavors are Super Seed and Hot n Spicy Jalapeno, and is also soy-free, as well as all of the above listed features. They both contain sunflower, pumpkin and poppy seeds.

Naturally Laurie’s¬†– I stopped by their booth, and was so surprised how wonderful their¬†Chicken Parmesan Truffle Pasta Mix¬†tasted! Decades ago I used to purchase¬†gluten¬†boxed mixes, and they never tasted this good! They have created gourmet meals in box. It’s true what they say about adding truffle to food makes anything taste good. They add white truffle to the sauce. However, the first thing I notice about the flavor was the white wine. They add Chablis. I just added chicken, vegetables and heavy cream, and voila, a gourmet meal in minutes. The pasta is made from corn and rice, and the ingredients do contain soy. They have many other products you should check out!

LOV Organic¬†is based in Europe. They are just now marketing their gluten free, herbal and organic tea in the U.S. I tasted their Lov is Zen flavor and it was so awesome! This is the first tea I felt that I didn’t need to add a sweetener! It contains¬†rooibos,¬†a South African plant which is naturally caffeine free, with a bit of orange flavor, and bits of apple and caramel. I wish I could purchase some, but unfortunately I’m allergic to citrus. I’ll definitely be checking out their other flavors! (The caramel caused me concern, as in the past I was aware that caramel color in Europe was often derived from wheat. However, their representative reminded me that the testing of gluten in Europe is much more strict than in the U.S.).

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