New Gluten Free Products at Expo West 2014 – Part 1

Each year after attending the Natural Products Expo West trade show, I share at least one post about some of the new gluten free products I discover. I hope you enjoy this list. If I find the time, I will create Part 2 and so forth as I try other samples that I brought home with me. Meanwhile, I hope you find this information useful.

Image: Mary's Gone Crackers Gluten Free Graham Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten Free Graham Crackers

I was so pleased to see a gluten free graham cracker that was not made with any bean flour. Mary’s did things right! Full of healthy ingredients and a bit softer than gluten graham crackers, they have a wonderful graham flavor with a bit of a healthy aftertaste. The list of healthy ingredients is nearly an arms length long including quinoa flakes and amaranth flour. They would be perfect for savory appetizers as well as sweet desserts. You have to try these when they hit the store shelves in May! The photo above depicts the sample size packet.

Go Raw Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

If you usually enjoy shelled, salted sunflower seeds, you will fall in love with Go Raw’s Watermelon seeds. Seeds are a great substitute for nuts especially for those with nut allergies. They are made from white water seeds are tasty amazing. They are seasoned with¬†celtic sea salt and the seeds are sprouted. Sprouted food always offers more nutrition than unsprouted. I think you will really enjoy these.

Rudi’s Organic Bakery New Products

Rudi’s has amazing new gluten free products, most of which hit your stores in April. (Just be sure you recognize their gluten free products over their gluten ones.)

  • White English Muffins (organic and non-GMO)
  • Pretzel Rolls – Similar to hamburger buns
  • New Recipes for their¬†Wheat and White Organic Hamburger Buns and Hotdog Rolls – They have the same ingredients but are much softer now!
  • Double Fiber Sandwich Bread
  • Ciabatta Rolls
  • Cherry Almond Bars
  • Savory Herb Stuffing

Udi’s Gluten Free Frozen Meals

Udi’s is charting into new territories. They launched their new gluten free frozen meals. Choose from Broccoli &¬†Kale¬†Lasagna,¬†Italian Sausage¬†Lasagna,¬†Penne¬†&¬†Cheese, and Penne & Cheese with¬†Bacon. Yum! Can’t wait to try them all!

Tasty Bite Gluten Free Rice Dishes, Indian Entrees, and Asian Entrees

Tasty Bites is not new to me, but they may have some new items. When given samples to take home, I forgot to ask them what was new. I have never had one of their products that wasn’t absolutely delicious; and they all taste homemade. All of their products are Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, and Vegetarian. They come in pouches that you just reheat. You have to try them!

Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns

Last year, Kinnikinnick launched their new recipe for the breads. They are so much softer now. Well, they also have hamburger and hot dog buns. Honestly, I cannot recall if they are new, but not everyone is aware that they changed their recipe, so I thought I would mention it here. They also offer a gluten-free yeast-free bread. All of their products are nut-free and dairy-free.

Food Should Taste Good All Natural Olive Tortilla Chips

Made from green, Kalamata and Nicoise olives, sunflower oils and/or canola oil with the addition of sea salt and garlic, these chips are truly unique. They would be the perfect companion with a savory dip. I really enjoy its unique flavor and they are not treated with lyme as most tortilla chips are. As of 2012, General Mills acquired Food Should Taste Good.

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    1. Natalie,

      Since I live in California, I am not familiar with any expos in Indiana. I did, however, do a quick Google search on “gluten free expo indiana” and several turned up. Give it a try and check them out.


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