Second Nomination as one of the Best Gluten Free Blogs 2013

I am extremely honored to be included among the best gluten free blogs 2013 for the second time this year, especially in GFreek’s 4th Annual Gluten Free Awards. I transferred about 80 recipes over to this blog from my former one the summer of 2010. I can’t believe how much its grown and how much I have learned since then. The old adage, practice makes perfect is so true!

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If you are new to the gluten-free diet, or a veteran, keep that in mind. Never give up on a recipe or a diet. There are always solutions. Some of them just take longer to figure out than others. However, that’s why I am here. I’m here to help you along your journey. And if I can ever be of assistance, just let me know. I always share my knowledge and my recipes.

I couldn’t have made it this far without the gluten free recipes developers before me. I learned most of what I know from experimentation. Then when I used to get stuck, I would refer to Carol Fenster’s 1000 Gluten Free Recipes cookbook. I always want to stay original so I never copied her recipes, but I do recall adopting her method for making biscotti.

Then when I first interviewed Annalise Roberts and Claudia Pillow, authors of The Gluten Free Good Health Cookbook, I learned about superfine rice flour. I didn’t experiment with that until Carol Kicinski shared her awesome Gluten Free Pound Cake Recipe. I still haven’t made her recipe yet, but I drool over her photo every time I see it. That brought me to develop my Gluten Free Cake Flour Blend recipe, which developed into my Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Blend Recipe.

I sure could use your support. If you are so inclined, please fill out this year’s survey. You will find the Best Gluten Free Blog category in No. 17 of the survey. There are a total of 40 categories, but just vote for in the categories with which you are familiar. If you have never tried a gluten free cake mix, then just skip it.

I really appreciate your time and effort.


Take the Gluten Free Awards Survey to cast your vote for your favorite products and resources today!

Why vote?

Voting not only supports your favorite gluten free manufacturers and resources, but the results help thousands of new gluten-free dieters. Someone new to the diet may visit another blog where the blogger is not aware of true gluten free ingredients. A new dieter may consume food that is truly not gluten free or waste their money on poor quality food.

How long does the survey take?

It all depends on how many questions your answer. If you just want to vote for my blog it will take 1 minute. If you vote in all categories, it may take up to 12 minutes.

Where in the survey will I find Best Gluten Free Blog category?

Find Gluten Free Recipe under the Best Gluten Free Blog category, number 17.

Thanks so much!


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  1. In September 2013 I started a Gluten Fee diet due to Gluten Intolerance. I read labels closer than I used to. Most packaged and canned food labels either highlight , underline or capitalize the allergin ingredients . I find this very helpful when shopping. Campbells does not do this at all. I thought that odd for such a big company. Are the laws for allergen labeling still voluntary at this time?

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