Update on PF Chang’s Gluten Free Menu

I have’t updated my PF Chang’s Gluten Free Menu  post in a while.The last few times I have been there, there were some notable changes. You can view their menu here. My article below includes photos of two of my most recent visits this year. Unfortunately, on my last visit I had a meeting and couldn’t take photos. Too bad because the lighting was so much better then. Meanwhile, if you every get to go visit PF Chang’s you’ll know that all of the dishes below get my thumbs up. After shopping at the malls, it’s a perfect place to eat lunch or dinner. The prices are a little high, but the quality is superb.

By the way, if you enjoy their Gluten Free Mongolian Beef, you can make your own by using this recipe. You can also try my Gluten Free Egg Drop Soup Recipe.

On one of my visits, I thought I had made a huge error by ordering their fried rice. The don’t recall seeing it on the menu at the time that I ordered it. However, my waitress knew I was gluten-free. However, you cannot never count on a waitress to watch out for everything. When I inquired, though, I discovered it was gluten free. I should have known by the distinctive plate/bowl.

All of their gluten free items are served on a plate P.F. Chang’s logo on it. I had forgotten about that. I could have simply checked on which plate it was served to us. No other items are served on those plates. They literally denote “gluten free”.

Gluten Free Egg Drop Soup

PF Chang's Gluten Free Egg Drop Soup


Gluten Free Sweet & Spicy Chicken (my fave!)

PF Chang's Gluten Free Sweet & Spicy Chicken


Gluten Free Chicken & Broccoli

PF Chang's Gluten Free Chicken and Broccoli

Gluten Free Fried Rice

PF Chang's Gluten Free Fried Rice
Gluten Free Mongolian Beef

PF Chang's Gluten Free Mongolian Beef


Gluten Free Chocolate Dome

PF Chang's Gluten Free Chocolate Dome


Kids Gluten Free Menu:

If you have small children, note that they offer a kids gluten free fried rice.


Ingredients in PF Chang’s Sauces: The following ingredients are used in P.F. Chang’s gluten free sauces: chicken broth, oyster sauce, rice wine, sugar, water, wheat free soy sauce and white pepper. The marinades for beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and scallops are gluten free and contain cornstarch. The soy sauce on the table is not gluten free. Therefore, ask your server for gluten free soy sauce as well as other dipping sauces.


Products containing gluten are prepared in their kitchen. Therefore, if you are extremely sensitive to gluten, skip eating out except for dedicated gluten free kitchens (which is difficult to find).

If someone in your party is seriously allergic any of the major food allergens, avoid eating here altogether as their kitchen contains them all (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and wheat)

How to Order Gluten Free or for Minor Food Allergies: 

Before placing your order, please inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy or intolerance. They cater to those with food allergies, not just gluten. I am allergic to citrus and tomatoes and they are able to enter those ingredients in their computer and it informs them which dishes you may consume.

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