TY KU Gluten Free Sake Review – No Sulfites

The reason why sake is usually served warm is that it takes the “bite” out of inexpensive, nearly unpalatable sake. However, just like other wine, sake is made in different qualities. Check out my review of two of the varieties of TY KU Sake. Then their gluten free sake yourself.

TY Ku Sake Without Nitrates


About TY KU Sake

  • 30% proof
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • No sulfites, unlike wine, beer, and orange juice
  • Tested for gluten content

How Safe is TY KU Sake for the Gluten Intolerant?

TY KU Sakes (Silver, Black, White, and Coconut) are lab tested and do not contain levels of detectable Gluten. It is made from naturally gltuen free ingredients. It is made in dedicated gluten free facilities in Japan. However, because their bottling plant is not certified gluten free, they test their sakes. However, they do not test every batch.

Note: Avoid their Citrus Liqueur and Soju do contain trace amounts of gluten.


How Sake is Classified

Sake is classified by how much of each rice grain is polished away. (See the percentages next to the below varieties.)

  • Junmai Daiginjo (TY KU White Bottle) – 50%
  • Junmai Ginjo (TY KU Black Bottle) – 40%
  • Junmai (TY KU Silver Bottle) – 30%
  • Futsu ¬†(TY KU doesn’t make a sake in this low category) –¬†30%


My Reivews

TY KU Sake Black – Junmai Ginjo:

While I have enjoyed even low grade sake when it is warm, I was expecting to enjoy this brand chilled. I just didn’t like the flavor while it was chilled. I did, however, enjoy it mixed with cranberry juice (a substitute for vodka or rum). I also enjoyed it warm.

TY KU Sake Silver – Premiere Junmai:

There is a little bite (sting in the back of the throat) with TY KU Silver. However, the flavor is about the same as TY KU Black.

TY KU Sake White –¬†Junmai Daiginjo

I did not test TY KU White, which is their top of the line sake, just because I couldn’t find any.


Did It Effect My Allergies?

Unfortunately, it appears no matter what type of alcohol I consume lately, they make me itch. I itch when I eat things to which I am allergic. If I consume too much of an allergen, I will break out in hives.

Meanwhile, if nitrates is your only problem, or you wish to find something new to drink that is lower in alcohol than many alcohol beverages, or you just want to consume natural ingredients, TY KU may be for you.

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