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I just received an email which I thought was important to share with those who purchase Udi’s gluten-free bread and other products. I haven’t verified this yet, but it seems to be from a reliable source. If you’ve been searching for an expiration date, it is on the little plastic piece that closes their products. You’ll see a number on it. Example: 11125. The first 2 digits represents the year it was made. The last 3 digits, 125, represents the days in the year. It was made the 125th day of 2011. This would represent May 5, 2011. Bring a calculator along and know how many days are in each month!

If anyone has any Udi’s bread on hand, please let us know what you see!

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Udi’s Expiration Date Explained

For those of you who are not familiar with Udi’s bread, it is known to be one of the very best gluten-free breads around. It has a great texture and flavor! If you haven’t tried, you should! It is found in most major supermarkets nowadays.

UPDATE: A reader left a comment below stating her expiration date had a 1 at the end. I called Udi’s and they said it is an internal number and can be ignored.

However, I was able to get the entire skinny on the shelf life:

7 day shelf life;

21 day refrigeration life; and

180 day freezer life.

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  1. Bought Udi’s Country Seeded Bread at Wal-Mart. Has a sticker that says : “Use by 09/20/15”. That sounds like a final date for on-shelf storage. I bought it in error and put it in the fridge. How long will it be safe to eat? Great Bread!

  2. So if my package of cookies says 14315, it means they were made at the beginning of November 2014? So does that mean if frozen, they will be good up to 180 days from that date?

  3. i think it is ridiculous that these products are dated in code. they need to be labeled with an explicit expiration date like so many other products are. otherwise it sure seems like they don’t people to know the actual age of what they are buying!

  4. I bought 3 loaves today (they were on sale!) and they all say 11102 1. With a space before the last one. I didn’t buy them frozen, so I hope that last one has something to do with it, as the 102nd day of the year has surely past if the 125th was last week!

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