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When gluten-free dieters were asked, “What have you found to be the best gluten-free or Celiac Disease reference or guidebooks?” here is what they had to say:

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“My ‘bible’ for Celiac Disease has been Dr. Peter Green’s book. I think it’s wonderful. He pretty much covers it all. I credit him and his book for helping me over my stress and fears 3 yrs. ago when I found out I had Celiac. So, I highly recommend it.”



“‘The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten-Free and Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free’ by Jules Dowler Shepard.”

“I have found that my best resource is myself. I use the reference books for ideas and places to get more GF stuff. I am having great luck in adapting recipes for myself. But websites and blogs seem to be the best source (for me) of new ideas.”

“The internet – I’ve become a “fan” of many GF pages here on Facebook and even started my own to get a local support/network/social group of other GF-ers in my area. We all learn from each other!”

“The best cook book I’ve found is gluten free baking classics. Great bread recipes well with a few alterations! But it helped out quite a bit. Also I like the forum whenever I have a question. As for baking bread I’ve learned this weekend to treat it like wheat bread and to use a glass pan.”

“‘Real Life with Celiac Disease’ by Daniel Leffler, M.D., M.S., Dr. Peter Greens book and of course, Shelly Cases’ book…all three are an arsenal of help.”

“‘Gluten Free For Dummies’ was my first source in 2008 and haven’t looked back since. I follow on occasion. I’m not Celiac, but Gluten sensitive. I don’t want to wait to have full blown Celiac to find out I should be eating this way.”

I hope you find these sources helpful.

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