Gluten Free Ham

Gluten Free Ham List

Attempting to find a gluten free ham may be a chore; however, you may find that that this list will be helpful to you this holiday season. Listed, you will find a few grocery store gluten free ham brands, as well as other brands, and gluten free ham sold online. Enjoy the holidays, and your ham! Be sure to read ingredient labels and check with manufacturers. Some brands may contain fillers and seasonings that contain gluten.


Gluten Free Ham List

Last update: April 9, 2014

Berkshire Gluten Free Ham – No added Nitrites or Nitrates, No MSG, No Preservatives and No harmful Chemicals added.

Boar’s Head Gluten Free Ham List – Boar’s Head Gluten Free Statement (To view their gluten free ham products go to; click on Ham, then View Products (on right) and scroll through.)

Frick’s Gluten Free Ham List – All Frick’s hams are gluten free and tested for cross-contamination: bone-in, boneless, honey and maple. Note, not all of their products are gluten free.

HoneyBaked Gluten Free HamsVerified in a phone call on April 10, 2014: 1-866-492-4267.

Hormel Gluten Free Canned Ham List

  • Chunk Meats: Ham, Breast of Chicken, Chicken, and Turkey
  • CURE 81® Ham and Ham Steaks
  • Ham Patties
  • Diced Ham
  • Cubed Ham
  •  Ham Steaks
  • Brown Sugar, Cooked, Honey, and Smoked Deli Ham

Jones Dairy Farm Gluten Free List – gluten-free all natural pork and turkey sausage and Canadian, bacon and hams, traditional bacon and liverwurst – approximately 50 items. Majority of their products are certified gluten-free.

Sugardale Foods – All Sugardale Ham products are gluten-free.


Grocery Store Gluten Free Ham

Costco – Kirkland/Farmland Spiral Glazed Ham (as of 2012 is not guaranteed to be free of cross-contamination)


See Publix GreenWise Market Pork [page no longer exits]:

  • Pork Ham, Rump Portion
  • Pork Ham, Shank Portion
  • Pork Ham, Whole

Publix Ham:

Pork Ham, Rump Portion
Pork Ham, Shank Portion
Pork Ham, Whole

Cumberland Gap – MSG-free and gluten-free. (Found at Publix by a Facebook follower on April 11, 2014.)

umberland Gap MSG and gluten free ham.
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Raley’s – Per a phone call on 12/8/2011 to their corporate office, “all holiday hams contain gluten. They suggest calling your individual store to find out the ingredients for other hams. I called my local Oakhurst, California Raley’s Meat Department and asked about any unglazed gluten-free hams and was told that their ham lablels read contain wheat or are not marked gluten-free. Raley’s Fremont, California store stated that their butts are gluten-free. I asked for the gentlement to check on their whole and half hams and he stated that the Raley’s brand smoked whole ham does not state gluten-free, but the ingredients do not include any gluten, but contain nitrates, etc.

Beeler’s Pure Pork – Verified a photo of the gluten-free label via a follower on my Facebook page on April 10, 2014.

Safeway / Von’s – Per a phone call to Safeway Corporate Brand’s Dept. in 2011, “Ham shank hickory smoked, ham shank butt half hickory smoked, 97% fat free boneless ham, and spirals without glaze are gluten-free. Spiral hams with glaze are not gluten-free.

Sam’s Club:

Castle Wood Gluten Free Spiral Ham

(In 2011 they listed the follow hams in addition to the one above, but I do not see anything on their website about them this year: Castle Wood Gluten Free Hickory Smoked Spiral Ham and Smithfield Smoked Black Forest Ham 1 lb.)

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  1. I contacted Maple Leaf Foods at 1-800-268-3708 and specifically asked about their flakes of ham having any gluten, but they told me that if any of their products contained any gluten at all it will be on the label.

  2. My favorite is Cook’s. Smithfield is also GF, marked on the package. Sam’s club sells a ham and a spiral ham that are both clearly marked GF.

  3. Thank you so much for the GF list of hams. I saw a Sugardale at my local Market Basket yesterday. Now that I know it’s gluten free, I will buy one tomorrow. It’s so hard sometimes to know for sure if something is gluten free by the label. You made my holiday gluten free food shopping so much easier!

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