Are Gumdrops Gluten Free? + Recipe

Since today is National Gumdrop Day, I thought it was the most appropriate time to answer this question. Yes. Jelly gumdrops are gluten free. Of course, some manufacturers may make gluten containing products on the same manufacturing lines. Therefore, you are gluten intolerant you may wish to contact the manufacturer to find out specific details. Years back I read that Walgreen’s brand of gumdrops were labeled gluten free. I really like the idea that Trader Joe’s citrus gumdrops are free of artificial coloring and flavoring. So, this coming Easter, you may fill baskets with the gumdrops of your choosing. Just make sure to check labels for gluten ingredients, just in case. You can even make your own using this Gum Drop Recipe.

Image: Gum Drops

Gumdrops can be use in several clever ways:

  • Add one to the center of cookies before baking, for a bit of color; or add many pieces and push them into the top of the each raw cookie.
  • Add them to the ends of toothpicks and poke them in marshmallows or styrofoam to make centerpieces.
  • Make an edible bouquet using gumdrops, cookies without a center, and wooden skewers.
  • Use specific colors for special holidays: green for St. Patrick’s Day; red and green for the holidays; red for Valentine’s Day; pastels for Easter; orange and black for Halloween; and more.
  • You can cut them in half lengthwise, and by using a pastry roller or rolling pin, roll them out onto a sugared surface, and use them to decorate cakes. See Wilton’s how to flatten gumdropsĀ images.

How will you use gumdrops now that you know they’re gluten free?

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