Brands of Gluten Free Vodka and Their Derivatives

As of this writing, the following brands of gluten free vodka are derived from gluten-free ingredients. This is in compliance with the TTB’s 2014 Interim Ruling on Gluten Free Labeling of Wine, Beer and Distilled Spirits. The sources of the below information include the brands’ dewebsite and/or wikipedia.

Gluten Free Vodka on Ice

Brand Country Derivation
Azzure United States Yellow apples, wine grapes, and sugar cane
Blue Ice Vodka United States Potatoes; and is certified gluten-free
Bombora Australia Grape
Boyd & Blair United rStates Potato
Chase United Kingdom Potato
Chopin Poland Potato
Cîroc France Grapes
Cirrus United States Potato
Cooranbong Australia Grape
Covington United States Potato
Cracovia Poland Potato
Crystal Head Canada Peaches and Cream corn
Deep Eddy United States Corn
Devotion + flavors United States Non-GMO Corn
Dot AU Australia Australian sugar cane
Downunder Australia Molasses from Australian sugar cane
Firefly United States Wine grapes from Mexico
Teton Glacier United States Potato
Glen’s United Kingdom Sugar Beet
Grand Teton United States Corn
Hrenovuha Russia Horseradish, peppers, peas & garlic
Iceberg Canada Peaches and cream corn
Karlsson’s Sweden Potato
Kissui Japan Rice
Kleiner Feigling Germany Fig
L’Chaim Israel Corn
Lokka Turkey Grapes
Luksusowa Poland Potato
Monopolowa Austria Potato
Nikolai (originally made by Seagrams United States Corn
Okanagan Spirits Canada Fruit
Rain United States White Corn
Schramm Canada Organic Potato
Spud Poland Organic Potato
Tito’s United States Corn
UV United States Corn
Vikingfjord Norway Potato
Zodiac United States Potato
Żołądkowa Gorzka Poland 27 herbs and fruits

5 Replies to “Brands of Gluten Free Vodka and Their Derivatives”

  1. To my best knowledge any distilled alcohol is GF. In the process of distillation gluten is eliminated. Only undistilled alcohol like beer is dangerous for celiacs.

  2. Thanks for the list, but I think you’ve omitted a good one: Spud. 100% potato. I’m not in any way affiliated with the company, just a happy consumer of their 100% GF product.

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