Consumer Reports on Arsenic in Rice for Kids & Gluten Avoiders

Arsenic in White and Brown Rice

I received a question yesterday¬†on arsenic in rice. To be honest, I didn’t want to dredge¬†this all up again. However, Consumer Reports, the organization that published the first report on this subject, recently published an article on this very subject targeted at gluten free dieters and kids. If one person asked about this, I assume there are many others with concerns. Check out the question from that reader and my response.
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Celiac Drug May Prevent Reaction to Gluten Cross Contamination

CeliAction Research Study on Gluten Cross Contamination

As many of you know, I do not have a celiac disease diagnosis. My doctor suspects that I may be celiac. If I were diagnosed, I would participate in the celiac study that is outlined in this article. If you still get a reaction to gluten cross contamination and for other reasons, check it out and see if you qualify. – Carla Continue reading “Celiac Drug May Prevent Reaction to Gluten Cross Contamination”

Participants Needed in Celiac Disease Study

Participants Needed in Celiac Disease Study

May is Celiac Awareness Month. If you have celiac disease, what better contribution can you make to the celiac community than participating in a celiac disease study to further celiac research? Check out the details below to discover if you may qualify. If you have any questions about the drug or the study, contact CeliAction through their website linked below. Please note that I cannot reply to your questions, but CeliAction will. Their message below has been approved by the FDA, as are their replies. Continue reading “Participants Needed in Celiac Disease Study”

Natural Gluten Free Foods That Promote Sleep

Restless Woman in Need of Foods That Helps You Sleep

Can’t sleep? Learn the foods that promote sleep. There are specific minerals and other ingredients found in natural gluten free foods that aid sleep. Some of these foods that are high in what you may need, may not make the ideal bedtime snack. Avoid high fats, highly acid foods, chocolate and other foods containing caffeine. Choose wisely by learning the right ones for you.

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Participants Needed in Study to Further Celiac Research

Image: CeliAction Study for Celiac Research

Though this site is mainly about gluten free reicpes, celiac disease and celiac research is extremely important to me as many of readers are afflicted with this disease and there is no known cure.

Alvine Pharmaceuticals is conducting a study named CeliAction Study and is seeking volunteers diagnosed with celiac disease to further celiac research. Participants remain on a gluten-free diet during the entire trial.  To learn more about this study, read the below information and then visit their website,
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Celiac Disease: Health Insurance with a Pre-existing Condition Gets Easier

Image: Nurse and Patient

Carla often hears from readers that have been denied health insurance with a pre-existing condition such as celiac disease. The gluten free diet is expensive enough without having to worry about health insurance. The United States (US) and Europe (EU) have different laws regarding health insurance. In the US, it’s about to get easier. Read on to learn more. Continue reading “Celiac Disease: Health Insurance with a Pre-existing Condition Gets Easier”