How to Make Better Cakes: Soft Sides, Less Brown, Even, and Less Domed

Strawberry Cake With Tender and Non-Brown Sides

I grew tired of cakes that either domed too high or were too brown and dry on the sides. In search of a solution, I came across Wilton’s Bake Even Strips. However, you can make your own at home. I actually prefer the homemade method because you can make customize the size. Continue reading to learn how. It really works! Continue reading “How to Make Better Cakes: Soft Sides, Less Brown, Even, and Less Domed”

Gluten Free Strawberry Cake Recipe (All Natural) 4” or 8”

Gluten Free Strawberry Chiffon Cake

My gluten-eating neighbors not only raved about this cake but asked for the recipe. You know it’s good when this occurs! You can easily double this and make a larger cake in an angel food cake pan like the other Gluten Free Chiffon Cake Recipes. (Be sure to follow their cooling instructions.) Angel food cake pans create a fluffier cake. However, if you prefer a layer cake or don’t have an angel food cake pan, an 8-inch spring-form pan or two round cake pans work too. Top and layer with strawberry whipped cream or Ermine Frosting for dairy-free and egg-free. Continue reading “Gluten Free Strawberry Cake Recipe (All Natural) 4” or 8””

Gluten Free Banana Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free)

Gluten Free Banana Chiffon Cake Sliced

I have fallen in love with gluten free chiffon cake. This gluten free banana chiffon cake turned out perfectly with tons of banana flavor! I  have also developed recipes for Gluten Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake and Traditional Gluten Free Chiffon Cake. Banana chiffon cake is a challenge. You need to have just the right amount of banana or it becomes too heavy to cool upside down, which important to its light texture.  Continue reading “Gluten Free Banana Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free)”

How to Cool Chiffon Cake (or Angel Food Cake) Upside Down

This is one of two videos about my Gluten Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake. I first showed a photo of the batter on social media (Facebook and Instagram) the day I made this cake, two days after I made the Gluten Free Vanilla, Lemon, or Almond Chiffon Cake. Then, I showed you the texture of this cake in this video. In the video below, I show you how to cool chiffon cake upside down so that it doesn’t fall or collapse. I hope this helps you. See below for alternative methods.

Alternative Cooling Methods:

If you don’t have a bottle with a long neck, you can use a large funnel or a small ramekins. When using the ramekin, just place the center of the tube inside the ramekin.

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake Video

Recently, I made a vanilla Gluten Free Dairy Free Chiffon Cake. (You can check out the texture in a video here.) I fell in love! So, now that I have made this Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake and enjoy it even it more, I don’t know how to describe it other than amazing! It’s not just the chiffon cake with all of those eggs, but it’s the chocolate ganache topping (dairy or dairy-free) and the chocolate whipped cream. Together, this cake is over the top without being too rich to enjoy.

Continue reading “Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake Video”

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Usually, buttermilk is used to create a more intensive flavor in dairy gluten free chocolate chiffon cake. Instead, I switched it out for a different ingredient. It still has that intense chocolate flavor rather than a gentle chocolate flavor as most chocolate chiffon cakes have. Enjoy this gluten free dairy free chocolate chiffon cake with dairy or dairy-free chocolate ganache sauce, and dairy chocolate whipped cream, if desired. Continue reading “Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake”

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Chiffon Cake Video

I was absolutely amazed how incredible this gluten free dairy free chiffon cake turned out. I made a video so that you can see the texture for yourself. It is so light,  tender, and moist that you’ll want to make it immediately. Even my gluten-eating daughter decided to make one just based on the photo and my review alone.


Get the recipe here.


Besides the vanilla version, variations in the recipe include Chocolate, Lemon, and Almond.

Gluten Free Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free) Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, or Almond

Gluten Free Chiffon Cake

Everyone will enjoy this gluten free chiffon cake and will never know it is gluten free. Serve this cake topped with strawberry or cherry compote or pie filling and whipped cream. Remove a small section and fill with chocolate ganache. The possibilities are endliess! The best part about this recipe is that you can leave it covered at room temperature for several days. (Most gluten free baked goods need to be kept frozen to stay fresh.) Continue reading “Gluten Free Chiffon Cake (Dairy-Free) Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, or Almond”