Gluten Free Banana Mug Cake (Nuts & Chocolate Chips Optional)

Gluten Free Banana Nut Mug Cake

I believe I have found the secret to making gluten free mug cakes (cakes cooked in the microwave in a mug)! Mug cakes, even when made with gluten can be gummy, or worse, overcooked and dry. However, this recipe turned out perfectly as you can see in the photo. Using two key ingredients and adjusting the cooking method creates a texture just like your favorite baked banana bread. A must make! Continue reading “Gluten Free Banana Mug Cake (Nuts & Chocolate Chips Optional)”

Gluten Free Cornbread in a Mug (Dairy-Free and Vegan Options)

Gluten Free Cornbread in a Mug

Portion control is everything¬†nowadays whether you are watching your weight, or carb, sugar, or white flour intake. Make this gluten free cornbread in a mug so that leftovers do not tempt you to eat more than you intend to. Smother with butter and you’re good to go! It’s great with chili, soup, or by itself. Continue reading “Gluten Free Cornbread in a Mug (Dairy-Free and Vegan Options)”

Gluten Free Red Velvet Mug Cake – Naturally Colored or Not

Gluten Free Red Velvet Mug Cake (Naturally Colored)

This southern favorite is a surprise because when you taste it, you would never think that it was made in a microwave. Unlike other mug cake recipe, including ones made with gluten, tend to be a little gummy. Not this one! It tastes like your favorite red velvet cake! All made without egg or artificial¬†coloring. Dairy-free options. Check out the video, as well! Continue reading “Gluten Free Red Velvet Mug Cake – Naturally Colored or Not”

Gluten Free Flourless Lava Mug Cake for Two

Microwave Molten Lava Mug Cake

If you have 10 or 15 minutes, you can whip up dessert for two without using any special gluten free ingredients. A matter of fact, you don’t need to be on a gluten free diet to enjoy this timeless treasure. What’s new about the recipe is the method of cooking. You make them in a microwave in just 15 to 30 seconds each!¬†It can be a life-saver when a dessert goes wrong or you run out of time to make a dessert at all. I like to do it when I’m just plain tired, as in a late night snack. Continue reading “Gluten Free Flourless Lava Mug Cake for Two”

Gluten Free Lemon Mug Cake with Lemon Glaze (Egg-Free)

Gluten Free Lemon Mug Cake with Lemon Glaze

Rather than go through the trouble of making a cake or pan of muffins, make one single portion right in your microwave, toaster oven, or oven. It’s a wonderful way to control portions. Due to my citrus allergy, my husband doesn‚Äôt get lemon desserts very often. Making him a mug cake was the perfect solution. He thoroughly enjoyed this gluten free lemon mug cake. You can add poppy seeds or berries if desired. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Lemon Mug Cake with Lemon Glaze (Egg-Free)”

Single Serve Gluten Free Microwave Cheesecake

Gluten Free Microwaved Cheesecake

Whoever thought you could make a gluten free microwave cheesecake? You can! Though this is one of those recipes that varies per microwave and per your tastes. However, when you’re craving something sweet and want to make dessert for one, this may work for you. We love it in our house! It’s a bit pastier than a traditional cheesecake, but with my homemade graham cracker crumbs and your favorite cheesecake topping, it’s scrumptious. I had my recipe testers for my upcoming cookbook test this recipe. The majority of the testers enjoyed it. Some had to adjust the cooking times or temperature. You may have to experiment depending upon the wattage of your microwave. Meanwhile, once you have your graham crackers made or purchased, it’s¬†easy to make this gluten free microwave cheesecake. Enjoy! Continue reading “Single Serve Gluten Free Microwave Cheesecake”

Is Fondant Gluten Free? Plus a Fondant Recipe

Homemade Gluten Free Fondant

Discover the answer to the question, “Is Fondant Gluten Free?”

Not all fondant brands are gluten free. If you are intolerant to gluten, you may wish to go one step further and find out if the manufacture processes gluten-containing products on the same equipment. One way to be sure your fondant is gluten free is to make your own.

Simply using gluten free marshmallows and confectioners’ sugar, you can make homemade gluten free fondant. Add a little water and food coloring and you’re all set to decorate. You can mold this fondant into any creation you can think up. Get ready, set, start! Continue reading “Is Fondant Gluten Free? Plus a Fondant Recipe”

Gluten Free Meatloaf in a Mug

Gluten Free Meatloaf in a Mug

I’ve been receiving¬†more and more request for meals in a mug recipes, as well as individual portion-sized recipes. This gluten free meatloaf in a mug can be made in about five minutes, two of which is for cooking. Surprisingly, the flavor is one of the best-tasting meatloaves I’ve had. It is a spinoff of¬†my Sweet & Savory Gluten Free Meatloaf Recipe for the oven, without the sweetness. It’s heavy on the meat, making it a protein-packed meal. It looks like one big meat ball! Continue reading “Gluten Free Meatloaf in a Mug”

Gluten Free Mug Cake: Strawberry Shortcake (Microwaved)

Gluten Free Mug Cake: Strawberry Shortcake (Microwaved)

There are a few advantages to making individually portioned desserts. You can save money, consume less sugar, fat, and calories by avoiding subsequent servings, and they cook up quickly. I enjoy them because you can adjust the toppings and flavors to fit individual needs. Microwave mug cakes are perfect for college students.¬†You may be able to think of additional advantages. If you do, please share them in a comment below. Meanwhile, enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Mug Cake: Strawberry Shortcake (Microwaved)”

Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake (Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Egg-Free)

Image: Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake

I’m under deadline on another project but wanted to squeeze in a recent recipe request for a healthier gluten-free mug cake. I chose chocolate this time, as I already have a recipe for a regular Gluten Free Coffee Mug Cake (actual coffee cake). I love coffee mug cake, as they are so easy to make! To make it healthier by using xylitol which is sugar-free, and dairy-free by allowing you to choose the variety of milk. I hope this helps more than just the person who requested it, as it is delicious. I am thinking of substituting some of the all-purpose flour for a little almond flour next time. If you try this idea before I do, please let us all know how it turns out. If you’d like, you can even add some natural peanut butter, or other nut butter, to the top/middle of the batter for a Reese’s¬†Peanut Butter Cup flavor. I took one bite while it was fresh out the microwave, and couldn’t stop myself…and it was pretty much guilt-free! Continue reading “Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake (Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Egg-Free)”