Carla’s Gluten Free Shepherd’s Pie (Tomato-Free Allergen-Free)

Allergen-Free Gluten-Free Shepherd's Pie

Since I’m allergic to tomatoes, this gluten free shepherd’s pie recipe is tomato-free. In addition, it calls for a dairy-free mashed potato recipe and is also allergen-free.  While shepherds pie (aka Cottage Pie in Britain) is a delicious meal any day, because it is Irish, it makes a perfect St. Patrick’s Day meal. Continue reading “Carla’s Gluten Free Shepherd’s Pie (Tomato-Free Allergen-Free)”

Gluten Free Rainbow Cake

Image: Gluten Free Rainbow Cake

The recipe for this gluten free rainbow cake is also dairy-free. Of course, you will need to use a dairy-free frosting or dairy-free whipped cream (which I do not list below). This cake is great for kids’ parties or to brighten up anyone’s day. The cake is a sponge cake which makes the perfect cake to use with whipped cream. This cake makes a great St. Patrick’s Day recipe because, you know…the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Continue reading “Gluten Free Rainbow Cake”

Irish Coffee (Naturally Gluten Free)

Image: Irish Coffee

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and our partly Irish heritage, I hope you enjoy this gluten free Irish coffee recipe. Though Irish coffee is traditionally served with Irish whiskey, per the 2014 interim labeling rules, alcohol made from gluten grains should not be labeled gluten free. You can use sorghum whiskey, but vodka will do in a pinch. In addition, traditional Irish coffee is topped with either cream on or softened whipped cream. I chose stiff whipped cream, instead, as I believe it makes for a nicer presentation. Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all! (clink!) Continue reading “Irish Coffee (Naturally Gluten Free)”

Gluten Free Dessert Bars: Lime Mint Shortbread

Image: Lime Jello Mint Bars

To add to the few Gluten Free St. Patrick’s Recipes I have, in addition to a few requests I have received, I created these gluten free dessert bars. I wanted to appeal to my Jello using readers. I don’t use Jello myself, as the chemicals are bad for those with food allergies, and I have several. However, you can make so many colorful creations with Jello, and it’s wonderful for firming up a soft custard or dessert. You can skip the mint and use any jello flavor you desire; and add fruit and/or nuts. I hope you enjoy this recipe! Continue reading “Gluten Free Dessert Bars: Lime Mint Shortbread”

Are Gumdrops Gluten Free? + Recipe

Image: Gum Drops

Since today is National Gumdrop Day, I thought it was the most appropriate time to answer this question. Yes. Jelly gumdrops are gluten free. Of course, some manufacturers may make gluten containing products on the same manufacturing lines. Therefore, you are gluten intolerant you may wish to contact the manufacturer to find out specific details. Years back I read that Walgreen’s brand of gumdrops were labeled gluten free. I really like the idea that Trader Joe’s citrus gumdrops are free of artificial coloring and flavoring. So, this coming Easter, you may fill baskets with the gumdrops of your choosing. Just make sure to check labels for gluten ingredients, just in case. You can even make your own using this Gum Drop Recipe. Continue reading “Are Gumdrops Gluten Free? + Recipe”

Gluten Free Dairy Free Almond Avocado Pesto

Image: Gluten Free Avocado Pesto

This is one of those gluten free recipes that truly tastes spectacular. I have stopped using pine nuts in my pesto awhile ago. Almonds provide much more flavor. I have been searching for a way of creating a creamy dairy-free pesto and I finally figured how to achieve it, with avocado! I’m an avocado lover and am always on the lookout on how to use them in new ways. My husband, however, is not a fan of avocados, so I just split the recipe in half and make one with avocado and other half with 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, as in my Gluten Free Almond Pesto recipe. Because pesto is raw, you can use it on vegetable pasta for a gluten free raw dish, as well. Avocado pesto – I’m hooked, and I bet you will be, too. Continue reading “Gluten Free Dairy Free Almond Avocado Pesto”

Avocado Mashed Potatoes

Gluten Free Avocado Mashed Potatoes

I know, it may sound like an odd combo, but avocado is actually a great egg or fat substitute. Though these mashed potatoes do taste a bit like avocado, with a little added cheese, (I used parmesan) they are simply amazing. I actually even enjoyed them cold. Cold, they taste more like avocado. Warmed they taste more like mashed potatoes. It’s all very interesting. It’s a must try if you like avocados. You’ll never know if you like avocado mashed potatoes unless you try them. It’s an adventure, just like my Raw Almond Pistachio (Avocado) Ice Cream Recipe, which I love! Continue reading “Avocado Mashed Potatoes”

Gluten Free Lasagna – Chicken Spinach with Creamy Basil Sauce

Image: Gluten Free Lasagna with Spinach

My experiment for an easy gluten free ravioli turned south. So, I decided to use the filling to layer a gluten free lasagna recipe instead. It really tastes no different than a ravioli, just bigger. This was so delicious! And you’d never know it contained chicken. I’ve included dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian options. If you’re not a spinach fan, use another green such as fresh basil, or even arugula. And of course, the filling may be used for stuffing ravioli, as well. Just refrigerate it until chilled.

If basil and spinach is not your thing, here’s my Traditional Gluten Free Lasagna Recipe.

Continue reading “Gluten Free Lasagna – Chicken Spinach with Creamy Basil Sauce”

Gluten Free Green Pea Cake

Image: Gluten Free green Pea Cake

This cake is to die for, especially if you enjoy chocolate and sweetened whipped cream.  But you ask, “Pea flour recipes?” Yes. Peas are part of the legume family, and when ground into a flour may be used in larger quantities than other bean flours, as they are not as strong or bitter and the pea flavor is more easily hidden among other flours. Green pea flour is wonderful to bake with, as it is very high in protein, 4 grams of protein in every 1-1/2 tablespoons. No need to run out and purchase green pea flour. If you own a coffee grinder, just purchase a bag of green split peas at your local grocer and grind them up into a fine powder. If it appears to be gritty, don’t worry. They will break down in the cooking process. Continue reading “Gluten Free Green Pea Cake”

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