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20-Minute Homemade Mozzarella Cheese

Homemade Mozzarella Cheese

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It is so easy to make homemade mozzarella cheese! You’ll be extremely surprised how fast too, just 20 minutes! There aren’t any scary temperatures to worry about or special tools needed either.  You can also control the amount of fat and salt. Check out the recipe below to see for yourself.

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Gluten Free Beetroot Wraps Recipe

Gluten Free Beetroot Wraps
Last Updated on August 18, 2019 Food presentation is all about arrangement and color. A perfect example of adding color to food are these gluten free beetroot wraps. They are easy and fast to make, but more importantly, the dough is easy to handle, resulting in wraps that easily roll and do not break easily. …
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Super Easy Blueberry Jam Without Pectin – Sugar-Free

Blueberry Preserves in canning jar on wooden board

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Looking for a recipe for blueberry jam without pectin? Look no further. As a bonus, know that by making one change to the jam you place on your toast or put in your sandwiches, you can lose weight. How? By making it yourself and making it sugar-free. If you’re not a sugar-free fan, you can make it with sugar just as easily, but by using the sugar-free substitutes that I suggest, it will taste just like sugar. Continue reading “Super Easy Blueberry Jam Without Pectin – Sugar-Free”

Gluten Free Sugar Free Granola Recipe

Displaying bowl of gluten free sugar free granola with blueberries

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Whether you’re seeking a sugar free granola recipe for breakfast or a traveling snack, this recipe is perfect. You can flavor it with a number of extracts. If you can tolerate dry fruit, adding some adds additional texture and flavor. However, if you’re looking to lower the carbs, leave out the dried fruit. Add some fresh blueberries if you’re serving this as a breakfast cereal. It’s delicious! Continue reading “Gluten Free Sugar Free Granola Recipe”

Low-Carb Low-Fat Gluten Free Bread Recipe for Bread Machine

Display of low fat low carb bread on a plate with peanut butter and jelly
Last Updated on September 27, 2019 Using almond flour and other high-fiber and high protein gluten free ingredients, you can make this tasty low carb gluten free bread that is also low in fat. Unlike most low-carb bread recipes, this recipe doesn’t use tons of eggs and butter. Gluten free flours and starches are high …
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Wink Frozen Desserts Copycat Recipe – Cinnamon Bun (100 Calories and 4 Net Carbs Per Pint)

Showing the cinnamon bun flavor of a frozen dessert with ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks
Last Updated on August 1, 2019 I recently had cinnamon ice cream in a restaurant in Carmel and ended up creating a Cinnamon Gelato Recipe. Now that I need to shed a few pounds I’m back to eating my favorite diet frozen dessert, Copycat Wink Frozen Desserts. This time I created a cinnamon bun frozen …
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Gluten Free Pastry Cream Whole Eggs

Spoon Full of Gluten Free Pastry Cream Made with Whole Eggs
Last Updated on August 8, 2019 While Gluten Free Pastry Cream Using Egg Yolks is richer and smoother, this gluten free pastry cream using whole eggs is much thicker. It tastes much like vanilla pudding, but without that flour texture. Use as a filling or to make German Buttercream. Print Gluten Free Pastry Cream Whole …
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Gluten Free BRAT Pancakes

Gluten Free BRAT Pancakes

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My granddaughter was visiting and the need to be on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) arose. So, on short notice, I threw together a few ingredients to make some applesauce pancakes without any starch, just rice flour. Of course, I omitted gums as well. You can also make them with bananas. I just didn’t have any on hand.  She loved them! Even my husband I had a shared a few. They are light and delicate, not to mention tasty. Continue reading “Gluten Free BRAT Pancakes”