Gluten-free Egg White Powder or Albumen – Albumin Powder

In my studies on the science of gluten-free baking I learned that egg white powder can enhance gluten-free breads because of the protein content.  I usually use fresh egg whites, but because I make so much bread, as my husband is a bread lover, I hate to have those egg yolks go to waste.  There is just so much custard one can consume!

Egg white powder, is dried, pasteurized egg albumen (also spelled “albumin”) (egg whites).  It is shelf stable (does not need refrigeration).  It replaces raw egg whites in any recipe, including meringue.  Egg white powder never contains salmonella bacteria.

Gluten-free Albumen Albumin

The trick to successfully creating soft or stiff peaks from egg whites is to have the egg whites at room temperature.  If you’re in a hurry and don’t have them already set out, egg white powder is a great alternative.

Though another trick is to microwave them a tiny bit at a time, about twice at intervals of 10 seconds.  They still may a bit cold but whipping them up in your mixer on a high speed will get them to room temperature in no time.

If you are looking a gluten-free powdered version, El Peto Products – “your gluten-free experts” makes a gluten-free egg white powder.  It is made in gluten-free facility, too!

1 T egg white powder + 2 T water equals 1 egg white.

I find that adding 2 Tablespoons of water makes it a bit runny and usually use 1 Tablespoon of water per tablespoon powder in my bread recipes.

Barry Farms’ makes an egg white powder, but  I called them and they said it was not gluten-free, though the list of ingredients do not show any glutenous items.  Perhaps there is much cross-contamination?  Not really sure.

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  1. I discovered dried egg whites during my first pregnancy, as my doctor said there was no salmonella risk for me and my baby. Since then I use dried eggs for many recipes, even when I can I love to prepare it by myself :-)

  2. Hello Carla,
    thank you for sharing your experience with dried egg whites. Many people don’t know that there’s this possibility and just continue trhowing away so many yolks!
    And you can even prepare and store them by yourself, even if it’ s easier to buy them dried at the supermarket.

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