Gluten-free Kids Recipes

Often I receive requests for gluten-free kids recipes.  I no longer have children at home and my grandchildren live out of town.  I do have a category for gluten-free kids recipes, but do not have enough to satisfy my readers with kids.  I thought perhaps that having a separate forum for those who wish to share gluten-free recipes for kids; links to those recipes that are copyrighted; gluten-free kid-friendly restaurants; any allergy, autism, ADHD or celiac disease kids information pertaining to kids on a gluten-free diet.  A couple of moms wish to learn and share what they know.  Share in our new forum here.

Many people are familiar with a gluten-free diet helping those with celiac disease, but not as many are familiar with the fact that it can helps those with autism, as well.  I was reading a wonderful gluten-free success story on how a gluten-free diet helped one boy with autism within the first few days of starting the diet.  This is not the first story of its kind I have read.

Therefore, this forum will be for anyone with a child on a gluten-free diet, or for those who wish to know how a gluten-free diet will help their kid.

Registration for the forum is required.  If you wish not to post anything, but wish to only receive notices when someone comments on a particular post, register and that will enable you to subscribe to a particular post by clicking “Subscribe” in the blue tab above the post.

Please feel free to use the other categories in our gluten-free forum:  Gluten-free Restaurants; Products; Ask a Pro (gluten-free, celiac and health) questions, featuring gluten-free expert and author, Carol Fenster and others; gluten-free recipes, gluten-free giveaways elsewhere, gluten-free products and more!

The gluten-free community is a wonderful community!  I have never experienced so much help from anyone community.  We’re like a family.  I hope you’ll join our gluten-free community and share with others.  I hope to see your comments soon!

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  1. What a great idea. I like it when people like yourself go out of their way to do something good for our kids. I hope it’s a success for you!


  2. This is a fantastic idea! Well done everyone involved for getting this underway… I can’t wait to give some of the recipes a go!

    On a slight side note, it’s good to see that gone are the days where shadowy operators used ‘free from’ as a cynical opportunity to not only to employ cheap, inferior ingredients but also to charge a hefty premium. :)

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