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Oh my! I’ve fallen in love with this gluten free spatzle! Spatzle, pronounced “spatch lee” in German, is a soft egg noodle. This gluten free spaetzle or spätzle, tastes better and is more flavorful than macaroni and cheese. You must try it! The pasta is so tender (and is so easy to make), it almost melts in your mouth but yet is still a little chewy. It’s incredible, at least to me! My husband enjoys it more than macaroni and cheese too. I can’t wait to serve it to guests!

Get the full recipe at Gluten Free Spaetzle (German) or Spätzle Käse (Austrian).

How do you spell it?

Most Americans pronounce this dish as “spat zle” just like it looks. They also spell it incorrectly. The “a” with the two dots in German is equal to “ae” in English. Therefore, Germans especially may think us to be rude or ignorant if we don’t make the effort to spell it correctly. However, for searching ability on this site and Google, I wanted to add all spellings to cover it all.

Spätzle Käse is the Austrian version with cheese, butter, and onion. However, Germans may cook it this way too.

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