Glutino Acquired by Smart Balance

Wow! – CNBC, along with other press release outlets, just announced thatĀ Glutino Food Group was acquired by Smart Balance. Smart Balance isĀ the maker of many household’s favorite margarine and other dairy and non-dairy products. Glutino Food Group is the maker of so many wonderful gluten-free products under the names Glutino andĀ Gluten Free Pantry (their baking mixes).

Smart Balance by Boulder Brands

Glutino Food Group grossed $53.9 million in sales its last fiscal year and over the last 3 years their sales had risen approximately 30%. Smart Balance picked the company up for a mereĀ $66.3 million!

When you start seeing non-gluten-free food manufacturers acquiring gluten-free companies you know the gluten-free diet has arrived!

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