NFCA Amber Designation Suspended

In April of this year, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) kick started their Amber Designation for restaurants. The Amber Designation was one of their two-tier designation in their GREAT Kitchens program. In an effort to distinguish gluten free food from safeĀ gluten free food, they provided two designations: green for safe and and amber, designating gluten free ingredients, but may contain gluten cross contamination.

Amber Designation Suspension Symbol

Domino’s Pizza was in the spotlight with their new Amber designated gluten free pizza crust. They stated it was certified gluten free, but it was not safe for those with celiac disease. However, they didĀ state that their gluten free pizza crust was safe for those with a light gluten sensitivity.

Dr. AlessioĀ Fasano of the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Center for Celiac Research stated that it was not safe for anyone with any type of gluten related condition.

In a Fox New York video on Domino’s Gluten Free Crust, Dr. Peter Green of theĀ Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, was quoted as stating that he believes the pizza was created to satisfy the gluten free diet fad. Green states, “I think it’s great that they created a gluten free item, but it’s rather silly, to me, to create the item and then tell the people who really need it that they shouldn’t eat it.” He was also quoted as stating that theĀ NFCA is comprised of lay people, not experts.

On Friday, May 18, 2012Ā The NFCA announced, in a statement, that their Amber Designation is suspended. TheĀ NFCA now warns that Domino’s pizza crust is not recommeded for those with celiac disease or any gluten-related disorder.

Perhaps this will put a little more pressure on the FDA to finalize their decision on determining what is a safe amount of gluten in products labeled gluten free.

Learn More:

Original article onĀ Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Awarded Amber Designation by NFCA

Press Release on Amber Designation Suspended:
The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Issues Statement Regarding the Suspended Use of the “Amber” Designation to Describe a Restaurant or Foodservice Establishment

4 Replies to “NFCA Amber Designation Suspended”

  1. An email I received:

    “After all the uproar about the Dominos pizza I decided to see for myself what was wrong or right about the pizza. I went to our local Domino,s and talked with the clerks. The problem is easily corrected with minor cautions.

    “I asked them to either use clean gloves or wash their hands when they got my crust out and have a clean piece of foil for it to lay on. This foil will stay with the crust until it is in my hands. I asked them to keep it on the foil In The oven and NOT to cut the crust. I just didn’t think they would be careful with a clean roller. They were interested In the contamination issue and stated they are making notes on my account. My pizza was great. No problems!

    “When we are in Florida I take my Chebe bread crust to the local pizza place with the same instructions and have never have a reaction.

    “I really don’t take a chance with my health and offer the same instructions each time.”

    ~ J.

  2. The FDA can not do anything about what Domino’s’ is doing. Even if it is entirely wrong do use this to pad their packets at the expense of others health problems.

    The FDA can only regulate the packaged items when they finalize whatever they decide they are doing. I hope they get off their keesters soon and do it!!!

    We need to contact our state officials on the Domino’s matter. If everyone would start to call them – things would change. Imagine if each representative would get a 1,000+ calls a day on this. Have you called? Please pick up the phone and call all your representatives soon! Remember many have twitter accounts!

    1. I think each individual is responsible for their own intake of gluten. However, I believe it cannot be accomplished because once someone is diagnosed not many doctors properly educate their patients on gluten cross contamination and ingredients/food. That’s a battle I’d like to take on!

  3. it’s time that the use of gluten free products were more widely used , there is too much wheat in everything. those thickeners are not necessary.

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