Jovial Gluten Free Pasta and Cookies Review and Giveaway

Image: Jovial Gluten Free Products

Jovaial Foods sent me some more of their gluten free pasta and cookies. It is one of my favorite brown rice pastas and my husband loves their cookies, as well. Food & Wine chose Jovial pasta as the best brown rice pasta. You really should learn more about them if you are not already familiar with their products. They have changed a few ingredients in their cookies, which I think you will appreciate. Meanwhile, three lucky winners will receive a gift certificate for Good luck! Continue reading “Jovial Gluten Free Pasta and Cookies Review and Giveaway”

Stoked Oats Gluten Free Oats Review and Giveaway

Image: Stoked Oats Gluten Free Oats

Stoked Oats¬†sent me samples of their flavored gluten free oats. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t excited about it. I assumed instant oats are instant oats, whether they are gluten free oats or not. Now, I can tell you, you have to try these! They are amazing! Now I understand their story and once you try them, you will, as well. I don’t usually ramble on in my reviews, but for this one, you’ll have to forgive me. I was literally stoked! Continue reading “Stoked Oats Gluten Free Oats Review and Giveaway”

KIND Bars Review and Giveaway (Gluten Free)

Image: KIND Bars

KIND Healthy Snacks¬†just came out with two new flavors in the¬†Nuts & Spices¬†line and are providing a very generous prize to one lucky winner. Learn about their bars, their health benefits, flavors, price, and, of course, my KIND bars review. Good luck to those who enter the giveaway. I’m so jealous! These bars are my favorite gluten free snack bar! Continue reading “KIND Bars Review and Giveaway (Gluten Free)”

Viviana Foods Gluten Free Pasta Review and Giveaway

Image: Viviana Foods Gluten Free Pasta

Viviana Foods sent me a few of their gluten free pasta varieties to review and to host a giveaway. Yeah! I love giving away free stuff! Their pasta is available in four shapes, linguni, penne, fettuccine, and orzo. Most of these shapes are very difficult to find. All of their products are tested on a monthly basis to be under 5 parts per million (ppm) gluten; and they are certified by the GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group of North America). Their manufacturing facility is gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. Learn all about their gluten free pasta, their ingredients, the recipes I used with them, and enter the giveaway below. Good luck!

Image: Viviana Gluten Free Pasta Continue reading “Viviana Foods Gluten Free Pasta Review and Giveaway”

Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison Gluten Free Weight Loss Giveaway

Image: Kirstie Alley Organic Liaison

A perfect liaison to healthy and healthful weight loss
By Dr. Danielle West Stellick

When Carla asked me to try Kirstie Alley‚Äôs gluten-free Organic Liaison [website no longer exists products, Rescue Me and Release Me, I was definitely excited.¬†As most of you know from my guest blog writings for Gluten Free Recipe Box, I am a foodie. I love to cook and bake, and somehow or other, unlike the TV celebrity chefs, I eat more than just the taste test to demonstrate how good the product is. I eat the whole thing ‚Äď batch of cookies, cake, or whatever. Therefore, over the last several years, I have gained weight; all the weight I had lost due to illness, and then some, has packed itself on me. One of the major challenges of being gluten-free is to make certain everything you ingest or gets near you is gluten-free, weight loss aids included! And, I have to say that despite my normal skepticism of any supplement with a celebrity name or endorsement, I was pleasantly surprised. Kirstie did it right with Organic Liaison! Continue reading “Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison Gluten Free Weight Loss Giveaway”

Sukhi’s Gluten Free Indian Food Review & Giveaway

Image: Sukhi's Gluten Free Indian Foods Gift Basket

While at the Natural Products Expo West trade show, I stumbled upon a great gluten free find,¬†Sukhi’s¬†gluten free Indian food products. They sent me some of their products and offered to sponsor a giveaway. Their products first became popular in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992. There was a need for authentic Indian food that was made with quality and natural ingredients. Sukhi Singh, chef and teacher, met those needs with her gourmet, gluten free Indian food products. If you enjoy spicy food, then you’re going to love these Sukhi’s. I always feel good about eating Indian food, as many Indian spices are known for their curative properties. Check out my review, review the list of ingredients, and enter the giveaway, if desired. Good luck all! Continue reading “Sukhi’s Gluten Free Indian Food Review & Giveaway”

NonaLim Gluten Free Soup Review and Giveaway

Image: NonaLim Gluten Free Soup

You may be familiar with some of the brands of gluten free soup available in cans or cartons, but NonaLim¬†soups are quite different. It is packaged in pouches, but more importantly, it was developed by Nona Lim, a Singaporean native. She has dedicated her culinary pursuits to healing people with good food. Not only does she make a gluten free line of soup, but a detox line, as well. NonaLim soup has been nominated for a Nexty Award, the Natural Products Expo West trade show award recognizing thought leaders and innovation. You can check out their current website at¬†Cook SF. Their future site,¬†NonaLim, is under construction.¬†They were so certain that their soups would be enjoyed by all that they not only sent us some samples to taste-test, but, in advance, set up to sponsor a giveaway for five winners! Below, Dr. Danielle West-Stellick explains the different ways she used NonaLim gluten free soup and what she thinks about them. Good luck in the giveaway! Continue reading “NonaLim Gluten Free Soup Review and Giveaway”

Van’s New Gluten Free Snacks and Cereal Review & Giveaway

Image: Van's Gluten Free Snacks and Cereal

If you’ve tried¬†Van’s Natural Foods¬†gluten free breakfast products, you’ll be pleased to know that they have three new lines of gluten free products. They make three flavors of gluten free cereal and their gluten free snacks include crackers and snack bars. Below you find all of these new products with a list of ingredients and images. Read my review and learn my new favorite gluten free snacks and cereals. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win $30 in coupons for free Van’s products. Continue reading “Van’s New Gluten Free Snacks and Cereal Review & Giveaway”

Gluten Free Vegan Cereal Review and Giveaway by ChiaRezza!

Image: ChiaRezza! Gluten Free Vegan Organic Cereal

While at the Natural Products Expo West trade show, I stumbled upon ChiaRezza!, the makers of an amazingly healthy and organic gluten free vegan cereal. They contain chia and hemp seeds, and a whole lot more! Not only are they gluten free, but certified by CSA (Celiac Sprue Association) for under 5 ppm (parts per million) gluten, certified vegan, certified Kosher, Non-GMO verified. In addition, their manufacturing lines are free of the top 8 allergens, as well as corn. The great part is that they are delicious, and extremely healthy for you! Continue reading “Gluten Free Vegan Cereal Review and Giveaway by ChiaRezza!”

Gluten Free Raviolis from Pasta Prima [Now Three Bridges] Review and Giveaway

Image: Pasta Prima Gluten Free Ravioli

All reviews and giveaways published this month are part of my “Gluten Free Products I Love” giveaway theme. Pasta Prima’s Gluten Free Ravioli, are always on my list of favorites! In September 2011 they sent me several packages to sample, and I fell in love with the Butternut Squash Ravioli. A matter of fact, I was caring for my ill father at the time. I had my sister, who eats mostly gluten food, taste one, and she was oooing and awing over them. They are so amazing, that when I was consulting a well known Italian restaurant I suggested that they offer them as a gluten free option on their menu. Continue reading “Gluten Free Raviolis from Pasta Prima [Now Three Bridges] Review and Giveaway”