Can’t Tolerate Gluten-Free Oats? Now You May!

So many individuals who are gluten intolerant cannot even tolerate gluten-free oats. Well, I may have some good news for you! I received an email from an individual who was able to tolerate one particular gluten-free oats brand, where she hadn’t been able to in years. I just had to some research! Montana Gluten Free Processors make “Naked” Gluten Free Oat products (oats, flour, mixes) called PrOatina which many individuals with celiac disease can tolerate. There is a specific way to introduce them to your diet to successfully avoid a reaction to these oats. In addition, they grow another grain that you may have not heard of yet, Timtana. Read on to learn more about PrOatina and get a free bag for yourself!

Offer now expired.


Their lovely oat products are certified gluten-free through the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) meaning they test for under 5 ppm (parts per million) gluten; certified through the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) a Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (GIG) division, meaning they were tested for under 10 ppm; are certified Kosher through Scroll K of Denver; and are endorsed by the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF).

About PrOatina

PrOatina is grown in fields that have not grown any gluten crops in the last 4 years. Because this particular species of gluten-free oats are short in height compared to glutenous grains, it is easy to spot any intruders. The species itself contain much less of the protein that is in traditionally found in oats (G12).

G12 is protein found in oats that may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. Wheat, barley and rye contain gliadin, where oats contain avenin, a weaker type of gluten. A small percentage of those who are gluten intolerant cannot tolerate this protein, and it is found in high levels in some gluten-free oat products. However, PrOatina is very low in this protein.

Why are they called “Naked”?

What does it mean when they state these gluten-free oats are naked? They are hulless oats (no outer shell).

Why Bother?

Some may feel that they have excluded gluten-free oats from their diet for so long, why bother reintroducing them now. Well, if you do not already know, oats are the healthiest cereal grain available. It contains high amounts of fiber and protein. Hull-less oats are the highest in protein of regular oats. PrOatina contains 20% protein and 10% fiber.

The Developer

Dr. David Sands, Professor of Plant Pathology at Montana State University spearheaded the development of PrOatina and Timtana. (It’s funny that these wonderful gluten-free grains are grown in Montana, as Montana is known for their wheat farming.) He also spearheaded the growth of Montina (update: Montina is no longer on the market). It is Indian rice grass, a flour/baking supplement, which I absolutely love – nutty in flavor, but very expensive.


PrOatina is very affordable, and is actually similarly priced as many gluten-free flours. You can find their pricing directly on their website in their Store.

How to Introduce Gluten-Free Oats Back Into Your Diet

Dr. Sands suggests to introduce oats back into your diet very slowly, as they are very high in fiber and can take a toll on the digestive tract. Some people may mistaken a reaction to extra fiber as a gluten reaction, when in fact it is not.

Get a Free Bag of PrOatina (Offer now expired.)

I didn’t have to contact the manufacturer for a review sample or a giveaway prize, as they give free bags of PrOatina to everyone! Visit Montana Gluten Free Processors‘s homepage and click on “Get a Bag of Protina Naked Oats FREE”. (I just did!) Then fill in your name, address, phone number and email. They even pay for the shipping! Enjoy, and please leave your feedback below so that once you’ve tried them others will know if you were able to tolerate these gluten-free oats.

UPDATE Nov. 11, 2011: This giveaway has ended.

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  1. Oh I hope this works! I miss hot oatmeal for breakfast so badly! (not to mention oatmeal baked goods) and now that it’s fall I definitely want something hot for breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

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