Gluten Free Skor Squares – Toffee Bars -Only 4 Ingredients

Gluten Free Skor Squares

Making a sweet and salty snack has never been easier. Using just four ingredients, you can make a nutty-tasting, chewy caramel-like dessert bar with Skor bar bits inside and on top. They’re like Rice Krispy Treats but so much better! Kids of all ages, including adults, love them. Cut them smaller and serve them like you would expensive chocolates.

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Gluten Free Gooey Butter Cake (St. Louis Homemade-Style)

Gluten Free Gooey Butter Cake

Popular first in the St. Louis area, and now around the country, the gluten free version of Ooey Gooey Butter Cake is now a thing. I never thought I would enjoy something so sweet, but I love it more than cookie dough! This dessert has a chewy crust at the bottom with chewy crisp edges that everyone will fight over. There is a thin crust on the top and the cream cheese filling is gooey, and a bit like cheesecake but a little softer and sweeter. It’s a rich dessert, but it’s so scrumptious, that it’s hard to stop at one piece.

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Chewy No-Bake Gluten Free Granola Bars – Corn & Dairy-Free

Chewy No Bake Granola Bars

Whether you wish to make these no-bake gluten free granola bars dairy-free or not, they are truly addictive. Cut them into bite-size squares or three-bite squares. You’ll want to snack on them around the clock. We serve them as dessert. However, they are so good, that I had to freeze ours so I wouldn’t eat them all. Make the bars corn or rice-free. They’re drop the mic good!

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Gluten Free Lamingtons – Australian Cake – Coconut Bars (Allergen-Free Options)

Gluten free lamingtons on a cake stand

This delicious gluten free lamington is an Australian cake made from squares of butter cake or¬†sponge cake coated in a chocolate sauce, which penetrates the cake creating its unique texture. The chocolate sauce coated squares are immediately coated in desiccated coconut. Prior to, or after coating with chocolate, you may also cut each square in half and fill with either strawberry jam or cream. Learn traditional and unique variations. Continue reading “Gluten Free Lamingtons – Australian Cake – Coconut Bars (Allergen-Free Options)”

Gluten Free Lemon Bar Mug Dessert with Almond Cookie Dough Crust (or Strawberry or Blueberry)

Gluten Free Lemon Bars Mug Dessert + Strawberry and Blueberry

Without the use of white refined starch or gums, the almond crust for this gluten free lemon bar mug dessert recipe is reminiscent of cookie dough. The filling is just like your favorite lemon bars but can be made in the microwave in a few seconds. The crust is also made in the microwave under 1 minute. This is a must-make gluten free recipe and perfect for portion control. There are no leftovers to tempt you! Choose between strawberry, blueberry, and lemon bars. Continue reading “Gluten Free Lemon Bar Mug Dessert with Almond Cookie Dough Crust (or Strawberry or Blueberry)”

Gluten Free Brownie Ice Cream or Mousse Cake

Gluten Free Mousse Cake or Ice Cream

It’s extremely important to be able to make recipes in advance when you have guests, especially dessert. When those guests stay overnight, it’s even more important. So, you’ll love this idea of making half a recipe of¬†gluten free brownies in advance and then topping them with two flavors of ice cream or more laborious white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse. There are some easy tricks to boost up the wow factor of the¬†gluten free¬†brownie ice cream cake too! Continue reading “Gluten Free Brownie Ice Cream or Mousse Cake”

Gluten Free Microwave Brownies (Full Batch)

Full Batch Gluten Free Microwave Brownies

A full batch of gluten free brownies made in the microwave. Made allergen-free, they do not¬†contain egg, dairy, and more. They’re simple and easy to make. These brownies are perfect for a late night snack or last-minute guest(s). They’re delicious! The texture is perfect and you don’t taste eggy like most microwaved brownies and mug cakes. You can check out the same recipe in a single serving, Gluten Free Brownie Mug Recipe¬†along with its video. Continue reading “Gluten Free Microwave Brownies (Full Batch)”