Gluten Free Pick-Me-Up Brownies (No Gum or Added Starch)

Gluten Free Fudgy Pick-Me-Up Brownies

Need a pick me up and a fudgy chocolate fix? A celebrity chef used to sell 1,000 of a similar gluten brownie each week. Why? Because they are fudgy, the coffee it contains not only provides a boost but enhances the chocolate flavor, and they are packed with walnuts and chocolate chips. These gluten free pick me up brownies are no different and also have a dense texture typical of¬†fudge. They do, however, differ from most gluten free brownies because they do not contain gum or added starch such as tapioca, potato, corn, or arrowroot. Maybe you’ll decide to sell them too! Continue reading “Gluten Free Pick-Me-Up Brownies (No Gum or Added Starch)”

Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Graham Crackers

Chocolate and Nut-Covered Gluten Free Graham Crackers

When I have my family over, they usually request that I make Chocolate Almond Brittle¬†and Gluten Free Graham Crackers. They’re all gluten-eaters! As we all get older, brittle gets stick in our teeth, though it never stops me! So, as a substitute, I created a similar recipe to the chocolate brittle using graham crackers. You can use any nuts you desire. I’ve chosen walnuts today, as they’re my favorite. You can omit the nuts altogether and substitute them with a sprinkle of vanilla bean flake sea salt. It gives it that chocolate-covered pretzel vibe. Enjoy! Continue reading “Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Graham Crackers”