Spicy Carrot Salad

Raw Spicy Carrot Salad`

Remember the old classic carrot and raisin salad? Well, this spicy carrot salad replaced that in our house a few years ago. The older we get, the spicier we enjoy our food. If you enjoy a little spice to your food, this is a must try. I like to keep some in the frig to use when I don’t have time to make a vegetable, usually weeknights. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Continue reading “Spicy Carrot Salad”

Gluten Free Red White & Blue Pie

Gluten Free 4th of July Red White & Blue Banana Cream Pie

If you like idea of the red, white and blue theme of 4th of July and Memorial Day, using fruit instead of artificial coloring is the way to go. While I prefer to use natural food coloring, blue is difficult to create. Make this gluten free red white & blue pie using my Gluten Free Banana Cream Pie Recipe. You have your choice of multiple crust recipes. Of course, you can always use a gluten free ready-made pie crust at your store. If you prefer to decorate another type of pie in this fashion, check out my over 30 Gluten Free Pie Recipes. Continue reading “Gluten Free Red White & Blue Pie”

Peach and Mozzarella Gluten Free Pasta Salad & Peach Vinaigrette

Peach and Cheese Gluten Free Pasta Salad

Summer heat already gotcha down? Try a refreshing salad instead of hot meal. Many people have trouble making gluten free pasta salad in advance. Rice pasta gets hard when refrigerated overnight. There are a couple of tricks to get you to succeed,though. Don’t use rice pasta. Try pasta made from other grains such as corn, quinoa, etc. If you must buy one that contains rice, at least make sure it is a mixture of other grains, too. Then, prior to refrigerating, add dressing, or at least oil, to the pasta to keep it soft. Keep in mind that gluten free pasta absorbs liquid quickly. Enjoy! Continue reading “Peach and Mozzarella Gluten Free Pasta Salad & Peach Vinaigrette”

Red White & Blue Gluten Free Cupcakes

Gluten Free American Cupcakes

Here is another fun gluten free Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day dessert recipe. This recipe creates moist, fluffy, and rich cake in red, white and blue. It’s so good, it doesn’t need frosting! However, you can omit the food coloring and make solid, white cupcakes. This is the richest gluten feee cake I have ever made! It’s because of its high fat and sugar ratio. I hope you enjoy this recipe as well as your holiday. Continue reading “Red White & Blue Gluten Free Cupcakes”