Gluten Free Banana Cream Pie with Several Crust Choices

National Banana Cream Pie Day was a few days ago, and it got me thinking. Creating a gluten free banana cream pie recipe wasn’t high on my list of to-do’s, but I became intrigued, and that was that. Before you knew it, I was surveying my Facebook friends on what types of crust they would enjoy. The 2 highest voted for were graham cracker, graham cracker coated with chocolate, and regular coated with chocolate. Since I already had all of those Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipes on this website, I decided to go for a shortbread crust for my own. I include links to some of my gluten free pie crust recipes below, and even the chocolate ganache coating. You may garnish the pie with whipped cream, meringue, or leave plain. Perhaps some shredded coconut would do well for some people. I hope you enjoy this recipe. I hadn’t had a banana cream pie in decades and being a pastry cream lover, it’s hard to believe. It was truly wonderful!

Gluten Free Banana Cream Pie


Yield: Makes one 9 - 10-inch tart or 8 - 9 inch pie.

Gluten Free Banana Cream Pie

A traditional textured gluten free banana cream pie with several crust choices including shortbread, regular, graham, and even a chocolate ganache coating.



  1. Make the pastry cream as directed in the above link. It is a bit runny, though. If you wish to have the cream set similar to pudding, combine the gelatin and hot water and set aside while you make the pastry cream. Once you remove the cream from the heat, stir in the gelatin mixture. Then cover and refrigerate until chilled.
  2. Make your choice of pie crust; set aside to cool. If desired, once cooled, make chocolate ganache; allow to cool for about 5 minutes; pour onto the bottom of the pie crust; swirl to distribute; allow to set prior to proceeding. You may chill it in the refrigerator, if desired.
  3. Layer with sliced bananas.
  4. Pour pastry cream on top.
  5. Garnish with your choice of sliced bananas, whipped cream, shredded coconut and more. As an alternative, you may use the left-over egg whites from the pastry cream and make a meringue topping.


To prevent bananas from browning, you may toss them in lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon per banana. If you're allergic to citrus, try mixing 2 teaspoons cream of tartar with enough water to coat bananas.

To speed up cooling of custard, you may place it in an ice water bath.

If you desire a high whipped cream topping, make a whole whipped cream recipe instead of half. If you desire to just garnish the edges, as in the photo, make 1/4 recipe whipped cream.

5 Replies to “Gluten Free Banana Cream Pie with Several Crust Choices”

  1. Hi Carla,

    I want to use the baked custard instead of the pastry cream. I’m assuming the custard is firm so how do I pour the firm custard into the pie crust? I’m wondering how I incorporate the custard into the crust.


  2. Carla, Would the texture of the chilled pastry cream accept whipped cream gently folded into it? or do you think it might not work? I have done this with puddings but am unfamiliar with this pastry cream. Thanks.

  3. This is my first time on your blog. I couldn’t see how to access the recipes for the crusts or the filling. This just shows how to assemble the already prepared items ?????

    1. Hi Claudia!

      Usually anything on the Internet that has a word or group of words underlined is a link to another page, as is the case here. I have linked to the recipes for the Pastry Cream, Baked Custard, Graham Cracker Crust, Shortbread Crust, Chocolate Ganache, and Homemade Whipped Cream Above. If you wish to keep this page open and open each in a new window, just right click the underlined links above and then click “Open Link in New Tab”. I hope this helps. If not, I will just provide you the links to whatever you need.


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