Gluten Free Artichoke Dip, Sauce, or Soup + Video

Gluten Free Artichoke Dip Video Image

During the holidays, this gluten free artichoke dip is extremely popular.¬† However, it is perfect for any special occasion. The classic recipe usually calls for sour cream or cream cheese. Instead, I used a bechamel sauce (flour and butter) with onion instead. It makes for a very flavorful dip/sauce. I even added some cheese, cooked bacon, and omitted the traditional spinach. What veggies and/or meat will you use? Serve as a dip, over pasta as a sauce, or thin as desired for soup. Continue reading “Gluten Free Artichoke Dip, Sauce, or Soup + Video”

Gluten Free Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Creamy or Chunky) (Dairy Free Options)

Gluten Free Loaded Potato Soup (Creamy or Chunky)

Do you love loaded baked potatoes and potato skins? If so, you will definitely add this gluten free creamy loaded baked potato soup to your rotation of dinner recipes. This soup tastes indulgent without being overly so. While some cheese soup recipes call for tons of cheese, this one is thickened with multiple ingredients as well as cheese. It still tastes incredibly rich, even when made dairy free or reduced calorie. This is a soup the entire family can enjoy as well as guests.
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Easy Gluten Free Hot & Sour Soup with Ramen

Easy Gluten Free Hot & Sour Soup

King Soba is my favorite and the¬†only manufacturer that I know of that makes gluten free soba noodles. Now, they offer gluten free ramen! And the brown rice variety is amazing; better than gluten ramen, to me. However, it does not include a flavor packet. So, I had fun creating this easy hot & sour soup recipe using their ramen. It’s perfect for those who do not appreciate mushrooms. Also, check out my recipe for Traditional Gluten Free Hot & Sour Soup.

They also offer black rice, buckwheat, and a variety pack. I’ve made this same soup using their buckwheat ramen. They cook a bit faster and have a unique flavor that I also enjoy. Continue reading “Easy Gluten Free Hot & Sour Soup with Ramen”

Gluten Free Lasagna Soup

Gluten Free Lasagna Soup

Fall is my favorite time of year. It follows high temperatures, often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s Central California living. We live about 25 miles south of the south entrance of Yosemite. Today was in the low 90s, but the overcast, gray skies inspired this gluten free lasagna soup. It is a perfect way to use up broken pieces of uncooked lasagna noodles. It is also a wonderful way to use leftover ricotta cheese. I had an entire tub that was about to go bad. Continue reading “Gluten Free Lasagna Soup”

Avocado Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad (Gluten Free)

Homemade Avocado Buttermilk Soup

Avocado anything is terrific in my book, but this avocado buttermilk soup is just fantastic. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, then you should make this before the end of the Dungenuss crab season, between June and July. Even in Central California, we have access to some. Of course you can make this soup without the crab salad in the center. You can make a chopped vegetable salsa instead. Enjoy! Continue reading “Avocado Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad (Gluten Free)”