Gluten Free Chicken Cannelloni with Homemade Pasta

Gluten Free Chicken Canneloni with Homemade Pasta

This Italian dish is so rich and delicious that you can serve it to everyone. Using homemade, gluten-free egg pasta, covered with creamy sauce, marinara, or Bolognese/meat sauce, your family and guests won’t believe it’s gluten-free. Kids who “hate spinach” beg for second helpings of this gluten free chicken cannelloni. Serve it as a side or main dish. Continue reading “Gluten Free Chicken Cannelloni with Homemade Pasta”

Gluten Free Chicken Kebabs – Kabobs with Honey Marinade

Gluten Free Chicken Kabobs

One of my Facebook followers requested a recipe for a sweet and sticky chicken kebab / kabob marinade. Honey or sugar and some liquid can create stickiness, but honey or agave is the best. Gluten-free barbecue sauce would also work if that’s all you have on hand. However, honey or honey and mustard are awesome. It’s great due to my tomato allergies. In this recipe, I use lots of black pepper. Depending to whom I am serving it to, I may even add a little gluten free chipotle or hot sauce. Yum! Let me know how you like it.  Continue reading “Gluten Free Chicken Kebabs – Kabobs with Honey Marinade”

Thin Crust Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza

Thin Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza

Enjoy fried or poached eggs? You must try this recipe! With all of the toppings I could have on pizza, besides some cheese, I chose spinach and mushrooms for this gluten free breakfast pizza. Then I topped it with eggs to pack on the protein. When the egg yolks break, it provides you with breakfast pizza sauce. Start your day off with this treat. It’s delicious! Continue reading “Thin Crust Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza”

Gluten Free Enchilada Casserole with Homemade Tortillas or Store-Bought

Gluten Free Enchilada Casserole with Beans

Imagine gooey, stretchy cheese, creamy beans (red or black), and tortillas that actually taste like real tortillas. Then add some enchilada sauce, red or green. What is it? My gluten free enchilada casserole recipe! You can use store-bought tortillas. Rudi’s makes excellent gluten free tortillas. You can roll them and they don’t break. I imagine other brands are available as well. I haven’t tasted Udi’s yet. However, I supply you with several homemade recipe choices in the tips section. My fave is gluten free naan, thinly rolled. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gluten Free Enchilada Casserole with Homemade Tortillas or Store-Bought”

Avocado Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad (Gluten Free)

Homemade Avocado Buttermilk Soup

Avocado anything is terrific in my book, but this avocado buttermilk soup is just fantastic. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, then you should make this before the end of the Dungenuss crab season, between June and July. Even in Central California, we have access to some. Of course you can make this soup without the crab salad in the center. You can make a chopped vegetable salsa instead. Enjoy! Continue reading “Avocado Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad (Gluten Free)”

Spinach Ricotta Gluten Free Dumplings

Homemade Gluten Free Spinach Ricotta Dumplings

There are a number of ways of making gluten free dumplings. There’s my Chicken and Potato Dumplings, Asian Dumplings (better known as potstickers), and now this Italian version, better known as gnocchi. However, these are lighter than my Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi. I made them for dinner tonight. They were a welcomed change. I love them atop a bed of cooked spinach, while my husband enjoyed them with marinara sauce. How you will serve them? Mmmm, how about with meatballs? Continue reading “Spinach Ricotta Gluten Free Dumplings”