Gluten Free Italian Rice Balls

Deep fried gluten free Italian rice balls stuffed with Mozzarella cheese

Risotto is a sticky Italian rice. Rolling it up into a ball is a cinch once it chills. Stuffing the balls with Mozzarella cheese, that melts so well, makes it heavenly!


Gluten Free Italian Rice Balls


Yield: Makes 10 servings as an appetizer

Gluten Free Italian Rice Balls

Serve these heavenly gluten free Italian cheese balls as appetizers, a side dish, or snacks. They go over extremely well. Be sure to make plenty!


  • Makes 4 light lunch or dinner servings
  • 3 cups chilled, cooked risotto
  • 12 (1/2-inch) cubes mozzarella (or other melty cheese of choice - see Tips for dairy-free), about 1 oz. total
  • 1 cup gluten free all-purpose flour
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup finely ground plain gluten free bread crumbs
  • 2 quarts oil, for frying (I used extra-virgin olive oil)
  • Flat leaf parsley, for garnish


  1. Scoop enough chilled risotto to form 1 1/2-inch wide balls using your hands dipped in water.
  2. Using something similar to the wide end of a chopstick, make a  hole in center of each ball and insert a piece of mozzarella. Then close the hole with additional chilled rice.
  3. Preheat a minimum of 2-inches of oil to 375°F, Preferably, use a deep-fryer with about 2 quarts of oil.
  4. In separate shallow bowls, place the flour blend, beaten eggs, and bread crumbs.
  5. Working with a single risotto ball at a time, dredge it in flour, shaking off any excess.
  6. Dip the ball in egg and allow any excess to drip back into the bowl.
  7. Lastly, dredge in the bread crumbs; and transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment or a silicone baking sheet.
  8. Using a slotted utensil, lower small batches of balls into the oil. Fry until they become golden brown, 2 - 5 minutes, depending upon the breadcrumbs you use.
  9. Remove using a slotted utensil and transfer to a paper-towel-lined plate to drain. Before frying the next batch, be certain the oil has reheated to 375°F. Allow the balls to cool for about 3 minutes before serving. This allows the balls to continue to cook beginning from the outside towards the cheese. Open one to be sure the cheese has melted as the time varies depending upon the original temperature of your cheese.
  10. Serve with your favorite gluten free marina sauce or pizza sauce.



Substitute mozzarella cheese with blue cheese, feta, or your favorite, soft, easy melting cheese.

*Dairy Free Mozzarella Cheese Brands: * Trader Joe's Daiya Follow Your Heart

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